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E-bay is an online auction site where individuals can post used items for sale--it is not a traditional retail source for videos.

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I have bought tapes from people at ebay with no problems and much cheaper than in stores. Right now I am selling my tae bo throught them.. Just have to know what you want when looking and know what the price would be to buy in a store, I have seen things go for a higher price than the store prices!


I have both bought and sold items on eBay. It is free to bid on items but you have to pay .25 to sell an item. I've seen some great deals.If you see an item you like then you make a bid. Sometimes you get in a bid war if someone else wants the same item. You have to keep up with your bids if you really want an item. IF you get outbid, then eBay will automatically send you an email letting you know the statis of your bid. It's like a thrift shop on line. Exercise video's for only $5? Even Firm video's! I have always received prompt payments if someone bought something from me. I have had only one problem from a seller who didn't send the right item. I would recommend trying it! You might get a great deal.

Mandy Lee

I've bought many tapes on eBay. Be careful about overbidding. I noticed many tapes being bid on 30% more than they are valued. Yes, make sure you know the video you want and its price before bidding.


I have sold and bought videos on Ebay and is a very good resource when you're looking for cheaper prices. it is a good idea to always know about how much the items cost when bought new, so that way, you won't end up paying too much. it is always a good thing to wait until the end of the auction to place a bid, so that way, you can get a better price for what you're looking for.


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