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Collage Video

5390 Main Street, NE, Department 1
Minneapolis, MN 55421
Web: http://www.collagevideo.com
1-800-433-6769 (where available)
1-612-571-5906 FAX

Collage publishes a free catalog entitled "The Complete Guide to Exercise Videos," featuring descriptions of over 300 videos. The catalog includes ratings of the complexity of choreography, target fitness level, and impact level, as well as breakdowns of the length of each workout segment (warm up, cardio, cool down, toning, etc.).

Reader comments about Collage:

I've got nothing but good things to say about Collage. They stock virtually every fitness video on the market that's worth having (even the hard-to-find stuff), their phone consultants know their stuff and make personalized recommendations, their shipping is prompt (usually via priority mail).

I've never had to return any videos to them, but it's my understanding they handle any problems very well, sending a prepaid mailer for the defective video.

The also stock a selection of videos in PAL format for those overseas. Their Web site has details.

All in all, Collage is a very reputable company with whom I'd never hesitate to do business. It would be nice if they had more sales to make their prices more competitive with the discounters, but I suspect their profit margins on each video are pretty low, so it's difficult for them to do.

Wendy Niemi Kremer

One comment about Collage: they take care of their customers. Even though they officially only replace damaged videos, they've let me return a few tapes I just didn't like. I think they allow you to do this twice a year, when accompanied by a written explanation. Another thing I love about Collage is that they're located only six miles from me. I pick up my videos and avoid shipping costs.

Joni O

I wish more companies were like Collage. I received a defective tape once, made a 2-minute phone call, and, a few days later, received the replacement tape along with an SASE to return the damaged one...and a $3 off my next order! The only thing I don't like is the high shipping costs, but that's where ALL mail-order companies get you! And, it's a small price to pay for such excellent service. The best part: their breakdown and rating of each video's content is extremely accurate and very honest. They are the only mail-order company I will use for videos and I would never hesitate to give them my business.



I've ordered a couple of PAL-format videos from Collage (they are listed on their site). The only disadvantages for me are that they have a fairly limited selection, and they cost a bit more. However, I found the service to be good, and the videos arrived in a good, protective packaging. I love getting the Collage catalogue!

Glynis van Uden
13 Feb. 99

I've been a customer for 10+ years. Collage is second to none in customer service IMHO not just among video vendors but ANY mailorder company I've ordered from. It's a treat to get the catalog and I hope to order from them for many years to come.

Sue Wegmann

Collage is the creme de la creme. Their selection, customer service, delivery & return policy cannot be matched by any vendor I've ordered from. Their prices are not the lowest but I've heard that they will often match other vendors' sale prices. If I want fast hassle-free order/delivery on a variety of tapes that are unavailable elsewhere, I call Collage. Now they even have online ordering! You can't go wrong with Collage.

Pamela B.

Collage is the greatest! I have been ordering from them for over 9 years. I remember there catalog being just black and white descriptions of exercise video's. Now they have a great free color catalog with tons of video's complete with descriptions and times and so on. There shipping is FAST! I get my packge quickly and if there is any delay, they let you know with a postcard and give you the option if you still want to wait for the video or equipment. I did wait up to 2 months for dumbbells that I ordered. But with video's, they are fast. If there is problem, they will send you a post paid envelope to return the video. Usually if the video is damaged,ect. I did return a too easy tape I ordered. They said to return it with an explanation as to why I was didn't like the video. I did have to pay double shipping though. The prices are usually the same with no sales. I've had mostly good customer service. If I need a video, I always order from Collage.

Mandy Lee

Collage is the greatest. I love receiving their catalog. It gives such informative info that I save them. I also like the fact that they have video consultants that use the videos. Before I discovered Video Fitness, I used to call just to get info on videos & determine which ones I would like to get. They also match prices. But I don't know if they will match prices if the competing price is too low. The ones that I asked for were only a difference of $5 per tape. Their delivery time is also very fast. One time, I got my order in two days & I didn't pay for any special shipping charges.

Helen Stephens

I ordered from Collage by phone before, but wanted to try their online ordering. It was great! I placed an order on 2-16, received confirmation on 2-17, and I have my videos today on 2-19. I kind of wish that they had a more "shopping cart" type of ordering, where you could view products and place them in the cart, but beggars can't be choosers. I was very happy with this option, especially considering their limited phone hours.

Sarah Neises

All companies should be as professional, as courteous, and as customer-friendly as this one. I love the catalog, too.

Paula Weber

Collage is a company you can trust with excellent customer service. One time I received a defective video and they replaced it quickly and sent me a $3.00 discount coupon for my next order. Unfortunately their prices are not always the best, you will notice some Firm videos advertised at $19.99, when you can get the same videos for $11.50 through 800.com. I think sometimes their catalog and excellent customer service may compensate for the higher price. I just wish they would offer a better quantity discount program!



I have ordered several videos from Collage and they are great. I live in Sweden where we use the PAL system. I have a video that receives both the European and American system. A tip for you Europeans that think you are limited to PAL, you're not!

Kathe Sund

I'll just say that, without a doubt, Collage is the BEST source for exercise videos. Their customer service is excellent, probably the best in the business, and the tapes arrive sometimes in less than a week! They also advise you about what tapes might be good for you, or which ones you'll probably like. Collage is GREAT!



Service is good, but Collage never discounts anything--not even older videos--and their shipping costs are high. I'd rather just wait until I can find things at Best Buy, Target or at 800.


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