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CIA (Creative Instructors Aerobics)

109 Scarlet Drive
Conshohocken, PA 19428

Phone: 800-435-0055 or 610-940-3950
Fax 610-940-3951
Web: www.ciavideo.com

Sells CIA series videos, which are extra long tapes designed for fitness instructors and advanced exercisers. Web site includes a Forum, occasional sales and specials, and details about all their videos.

Reader comments about CIA:

I've been a CIA customer since 1996 and I have nothing but praise. I live in Maryland, right next to PA, and usually receive videos from them the same week I order. They generally ship UPS ground. If you call their 800 number, most of the time you'll get an answering machine. Don't worry - just leave your name, address, credit card number and order, and your videos will come! If you're lucky enough to get a live person, usually CIA owner Greg Twombly himself will answer. He's happy to answer questions about his videos, both on the phone and on his forum in the CIA website. You can also fax, order online or mail your order with a check. CIA has frequent sales of their older videos, so if you're interested in CIAs, be sure to check their website regularly for current deals.

Sue Bryant

I have nothing but praise for CIA. Recently I ordered CIA 9702 from them. When the video arrived there was a piece of broken plastic inside where the videotape is. I called them and told them about the defective video and offered to send it back. They did not even want it back they just sent out a replacement copy right away. That is what I call excellent customer service! I would definitely order from them again. I should also mention that the videos came quickly and the people on the phone are very nice.

Peggy Sturman

When I order from CIA, I usually get a message recorder. I have found that at first, I was reluctant to leave my credit card number. But then my package always gets to my door so I trust CIA now. I have a couple times called about a video that arrived in a damaged state and a man told me that a new one would be on it's way. It sounded like Greg Twombly, the producer of CIA. He was friendly but sounded in a hurry. I always preorder my CIA's to get a discount which saves a lot of money. I don't mind waiting. CIA always sends their tapes when they say they will. They always have a great sale going on the more older video's. Some video's are $5!! You can always expect new video's out from CIA. They send out a flyer announcing their new video's and who and what they will be. They do this 4 months or so even before the video's come out. This is when you can preorder them at a discount. I have received some orders with plain white covers but now the more recent orders have had nice color picture covers. CIA is a very organized and reliable company.

Mandy Lee

CIA's customer service is excellent, they are a company you can trust. Unfortunately they do not give discounts on anything but a whole series of videos, though once in awhile they run some great specials. I would highly recommend them.



CIA's customer service is absolutely great. It is one of the most reliable and customer oriented companies around. They answer any email request (almost !) immediately. Shipping is very prompt. The videos are excellent and extra long. What more can you ask ?


Although CIA videos are available from other sources, such as Collage, CIA's semi-annual sales and their excellent service make ordering from them worthwhile.

If you're considering ordering some CIA's, make sure you check their Web site for any promotional deals they have going.

Wendy Niemi Kremer

The customer service is great! The prices are reasonable when they offer special deals. You can't go wrong with this company. Of course, they have really unique workouts too! Greg Twombly understands that if you treat your customer well, they will come back. (and spread the news)

Gina S.

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