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I ordered 2 videos from www.blockbuster.com. The service was fine (prompt shipping), but you need to know which videos you're looking for, they don't really have an "exercise" genre for you to browse through. Better price than Collage for the videos I wanted. You can return unopened videos to your local Blockbuster store.

Terri Koleber

I ordered 4 videos from them at less than $10 each, but only got 2. It took over two weeks to get them because they held the shipment to see if they could get the other 2 videos in stock during that time. I chose this shipping option, but there are two others. I had four complaints about them. First, they do not list which videos are actually in stock at their site. Second, their customer service number is a long distance number, not a toll-free number. Third, they never responded to my e-mail. Forth, they do not have an option to view the status of your order on-line. Overall I would say they are OK. They are not the best or the worst I've ordered from. I do like the fact that if you have a problem with a video you can return it at one of their stores.


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