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I recently ordered a video from bigstar.com and would advise against using them. My tape arrived damaged (a piece of the plastic was broken off, preventing the long plastic piece that protects the tape from staying attached). They ignored my email for several days so I contacted my credit card company to dispute payment. Since no phone number was given, I gave up hope of every being acknowledged. The other problem was that supposedly if you ordered $15+ worth of merchandise, which I did, you were supposed to get a copy of Mulan for shipping costs only, sent via priority mail. It finally arrived 8 days after I started seeing it in stores. I don't think that qualifies as priority mail, even if it was in a priority mail box. Finally, after 7 days of waiting for a response (and a second email from me stating that the ONLY way I would return the damaged video to them was if they mailed me a postage-paid return envelope list Collage does), I received the following response: ------------------------------------- Dear Karen, I am sorry you received a defective video. There are return instructions on the packing slip. Please return the defective merchandise and email us the cost of return shipping and we will credit your card. You will be credited in full for the price of t Marsha BigStar Customer Service http://www.bigstar.com ------------------------------------ Sorry, but if it takes them SEVEN days to respond to a complaint, why on earth would I believe that they would credit my card if I pay for the postage? I don't trust this company enough to go for that deal. I emailed them again that the ONLY way they would get the video back is to send me the postage paid return envelope. We'll see what happens. Anyway, just a word of warning to save anybody who might have thought of ordering from these people some grief.


My impression of this company - after ordering from them twice - is that their customer service is very disorganized and needs major improvements. Everything I ordered was not in stock, what I did get I didn't receive for more than two months (I never received a complete order either time) I never received emails saying the videos were not in stock, they didn't bill me for a video I DID receive PLUS they never responded to my emails. And, no I won't order from them again.

Sue Wegmann

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