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Reader comments about Amazon.com:

Excellent service and price on both books and videos. Shipping & email confirmation are fast. I've never had a problem to resolve.

Pamela B.

What else can I say about Amazon but they are top notch. About 3 years ago I started ordering books from them and recently also started ordering videos from them. 3 years later and I still feel no other site can compare to them. I love the quick email confirmation of your order and that you receive a 2nd email once your order has shipped. You might find other sites that have videos for a few dollars cheaper, but if you want reliability and a quick shipment than Amazon is for you. I cannot comment on their customer service as I have never had to use it, but I suspect it is also top notch.

Peggy Sturman

I have learned that my best bet is usually amazon.com (unless wal-mart has a special on something). They are fast and reliable. I have never had an order be wrong or damaged. Also, if you order a couple things that have different availability times, they will usually ship them at different times for free, even if you pick ship all at the same time. And if you order a lot they will upgrade you to UPS from priority mail. I spend a lot of money at amazon.com (on not just exercise videos) and I have never been disappointed. It is just not worth the hassle to buy videos from other companies that have poor customer service and send them very slowly/damaged.


Amazon.com not only has terrific discounts on most of their merchandise, they have terrific customer service as well. I have placed maybe twenty orders, and only once experienced something other than lightning-fast shipping. Here's what happened. I ordered Cory's Get Hard Arms & Shoulders, and Amazon's web site said it would ship within 24 hours. Well, in the past when it said that, the book or video generally came on the 2nd day following the order (even with the cheapest shipping). I waited 5 days for Cory, and nothing came! So I called the customer service number, and a real human answered. He took one look at my account and said, "Oh, my gooodness! I see what you mean." He explained that the video had been in stock when I ordered, but that alot of orders had come in at the same time, and so they'd run out of stock. He upgraded my shipping for the Cory tape from lowest rate to 2nd Day Air, and the video arrived on the 2nd day after that. Also -- I'm not sure if it was connected to this incident -- on my *next* order from Amazon.com, I was given a complimentary shipping upgrade from cheapest to 2nd Day Air again. I didn't consider this incident any real problem -- these things happen when you have a run on a particular item -- and I certainly thought they went above and beyond what was necessary to rectify the situation. I suggested (both to the customer service guy and in an e-mail questionnaire Amazon.com sent) that it would be a good idea to send e-mail notifications if shipping is to be delayed. Given how Amazon.com has treated me as a customer, I have no doubt they're listening.


I've only ordered books from amazon, not videos, but I've been very pleased with the service both times I ordered. They sent confirmation and shipping emails, they seemed to have the items I wanted in stock, and they upgraded me to priority mail at no charge, so I got the books quickly. I would order from them in the future.

Sue Wegmann

I have only ordered books from Amazon, but I would agree that their service is top notch. I also like to give them my business since they've been such pioneers in e-commerce and their consumer reviews and recommendations are not unlike what we're trying to do here at VF. I almost always get free upgrades on shipping from Amazon, and recently I got a promotional $10 off coupon via email from them. Amazon always sends email confirmation of the order, with the ship date and order # in case there are any problems. You can also subscribe to their email newsletters about the types of titles you're interested in. I've had only one problem order with them in the past--the wrong book arrived--but I could not have asked for more professional handling of the situation! They immediately shipped the correct book by 2nd day air, with a prepaid mailer for me to return the other book. I got an email apology in addition to a very courteous phone apology. I would never hesitate to order from Amazon.com again.

Wendy Niemi Kremer

Amazon is the only company I will order online. They are fast!fast!fast! I get my order within 2 days! Also their customer service is excellent. If there is problem with your order( defective tape or wrong order), they will send you a return label so it's easy to return. Also every employee I speak with on the phone is very very curteous and friendly. They even email you right away after you hang up on the phone apologizing for mistakes or items that you weren't happy with. I have ordered both books and video's and am very pleased with their service.

Mandy Lee

I would order from amazon.com again without hesitation. I have ordered books & videos and have had quick delivery and excellent customer service. I ordered a video from them, then found a better price retail, so sent it back to them; they quickly credited my account, no hassles. This company is top notch for fast, courteous customer service.


I have had nothing but top-notch service from Amazon.com. They always send an order comfirmation via email and another email when your order is shipped. With but one exception I have received my orders within days (my one exception was a new book and I suspect they had a lot of orders for it.) I will not hesitate to buy from them in the future.


This is my absolute favorite place to purchase videos, DVDs, CDs and books! The prices are usually reasonable. The selection of fitness videos and DVDs is pretty good - often better than Collage. The shipping prices are reasonable. And they ship pretty quickly if the item is in stock. Their return policy is excellent. Customer service is prompt and courteous. I know I will have an enjoyable shopping experience. I especially enjoy reading the reviews. Even if I don't always agree.


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