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Good prices and no shipping. It took about 8 days for my order to ship so altogether it took exactly two weeks to receive it. On the day it shipped they emailed me UPS tracking info (I liked that feature). One of my tapes was back ordered and I didn't know this when I ordered but I didn't think this was a big deal. I did email customer service about a week after I placed my order to find out the status - it took them about 3 days to respond. It's a new company so I think they are working out the bugs. (I did receive a request to contact them with any suggestions, etc.) Overall I would recommend 800.com.


I would definitely order from 800.com again. I got two Cory Body Sculpting tapes for $5.95 each. They don't charge for shipping so that's $11.90 for two tapes. I placed my order on 2/11/99 & got an e-mail from them that day confirming my order. On 2/17/99, I received another e-mail stating that my videos were shipped & they gave me a UPS tracking number. Their e-mail even had an URL to the ups site so I could tell when my videos would arrive. They came on the scheduled date which was 2/18/99. So that was only 7 days for them to arrive after I placed the order. But I know UPS delivered quickly since 800.com is located in Portland, OR and I live in UT. Normally when I get packages from CIA or Step N Motion, UPS takes 10 days. Just giving this information so that people get an idea of how long a package will arrive once they get the shipping e-mail.

Helen Stephens

A great place to shop. No shipping charges. Great low prices. I got my order in a week. I would highly recommend buying from them.


I placed two good sized orders with 800.com recently (lots of FIRM videos, more than 6 per order). Like a lot of the online vendors, they don't indicate whether something's in stock when you order. This is kind of a pet peeve of mine, and it turned out that almost all the videos I wanted were out of stock, so they wound up shipping things two to a box, on different days-lots of trips to the UPS office to get them. The prices are very good and everybody said they give you tracking #s and you can check the order status on the site which is nice. And they do confirm by email at least initially. Still, I think I'm going to stick with Target and Collage and maybe amazon when I want to buy more videos.

Sue Wegmann

I am very pleased with this company! I placed an order 2/24 and I received my order on 3/1. Plus, no shipping costs! I will definitely order from 800.com again!!!!

Barbara G.

800.com has great prices and no shipping charges. I ordered five videos and received them within 10 days. I had no reason to find out about the quality of their customer service, which seems to be a real differentiator in on-line video sales.

Pamela B.

Great service. It did take 2 weeks to get a tape (I live in NJ), but you can easily track it through their connection to UPS. I love that there's no S&H charges (for now?). I got Keli's Circuit tape for 8.95 and FIRM Strength for 10.95! Not bad! If you can stand to wait a bit to get a tape, I recommend this site. Ronnee

ronnee schreiber

oops -- the above should say I paid $5.95 (not 8.95) for Keli Robert's Circuit tape (even better!).

ronnee schreiber

My only experience so far has been an order for a fitness video which I later found out I already owned (has anyone else had this problem? :-) I sent them an email asking how I would go about cancelling the order; they responded within 15 minutes and said not to worry, that the order was officially cancelled. What's amazing about this was that I sent them the email late on a Sunday night - not when you'd really expect customer service to be on duty. Based on this exchange, I would definitely order from them again, but I'd make sure I didn't own the tape first.

Michele H.

I got a really good price deal on a tape here so I thought what the heck and ordered (half off retail or Collage), I ordered on a Thursday and got it on a Wednesday; not bad for a $5.45 tape. I was floored because I wasn't expecting it to be that fast.

Stephanie Bridges

I am very pleased with 800.com. I got 4 tapes for under $30 with no shipping charges. And three of those were Firm tapes! They do take a while to ship since it is sent UPS ground and they are coming from the west coast and I am in Florida. But, for free shipping and the price (a lot of videos are $5.45, including some Firms and Cory Eversons') I can wait. Plus, they e-mail you and you can track your order via UPS.

Kristi Herman

My experience with 800.com was mixed and I don't know if I'll order from them again. I originally ordered 4 tapes, the prices were excellent and no shipping! I got 2 of the 4 with no problem within a couple weeks of eachother, one at a time. Then it was like my order went into the black hole and its been over a month and the other tapes I wanted I still have not received. This can be frustrating when you have no idea if you will be waiting forever or what! I placed another order for Cory's 3 tape set and received all of them very promptly but one tape was damaged in shipment. So here I have 2 of the 3 tape set, I call customer service and they say they don't have it in stock, so now I am afraid to go back into the black hole of their backorders, luckily I found it at Media Play. To make a long story short, they need to be more specific with customers on what they have and don't have in stock, especially when you place an order initially, a simple email would be so nice. Hopefully I won't have any problems returning this damaged tape and getting credit to my account. In the future I think I'd rather pay a couple more bucks and know the status of my order or know that I will at least get my tapes!! Also, 800.com's prices have increased, so that doesn't give me the incentive to be extra patient with them anymore!



I've had pretty good experiences with 800.com so far and their prices are excellent. The first time I ordered 2 tapes from them for a total cost of $10.90, no shipping! I received the tapes in about 1 week but one of the tapes was damaged. I contacted customer service and got a replacement tape in about another week. They were even willing to pay the postage it cost me to mail the damaged tape back to them. The second time I ordered the Tae-Bo 2 tape set for $11.95! I received it in about 5 days (including the weekend). This time no glitches. I think they are a good company and I would definately order from them again. Their prices are great and they don't charge for shipping (even to Hawaii) which is where I am located.

Wendi W.

I have had very positive experiences with this company. They have good prices, they are responsive to emails and phone calls, and the website indicates if a video is in stock or not. If the video is in stock, 800.com is second to none. I have received my videos in 3 days, and they are in Oregon and I am in the midwest!! If the video is backordered, it is slow. It can be anything from two weeks to months. They used to feature free shipping, but I don't think it applies to exercise videos anymore. I still order from them frequently.

I did have a problem once, and they resolved the problem quickly. I moved when I was waiting for an order and I was having problems with the mail forwarding process. The 800.com online status said the video had shipped and arrived. I looked at the online confirmation on the USPS website. It said the shipment had arrived. Well, I had no video so clearly, the shipment did not arrive. When I called them, they shipped me another copy of PowerKicks without hesitation. This second copy arrived in 5 days. A week later, the original tape arrived. I called them to return it, and they told me to keep it.


checked out their site since everyone gave pretty good reviews, and i liked the idea of no shipping. well, they now charge for shipping - just wanted to let eveyone know. i may still order from them, as they do have reasonable prices.



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