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It's wise for older exercisers to consult with their doctors before beginning any exercise program to determine what type of exercise is most suitable to their situation and health profile.

There are a number of exercise videos on the market specifically targeted at older exercisers, such as Leslie Sansone's Walk Aerobics for Seniors, Geri-Fit Weight Workout for Older Adults, and Tai Chi for Seniors. Most require minimal equipment.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have many reviews of videos targeted to seniors on the site. If you have tried one, please submit a review to help improve our recommendations. The videos may be difficult to find in video stores, but you can buy them from Collage Video.

One video for older exercisers that has been reviewed by our consumer reviewers is Karen Voight's Ease Into Fitness, which is a workout for older exercisers that focuses on strength and flexibility.

Videos designed for exercise novices or very overweight exercisers may also be good choices for older exercisers. They tend to be very low impact and have basic choreography. Some good ones to consider are Leslie Sansone's videos, and Kathy Smith's March to Fitness.

Relatively active, healthy older exercisers who would like to try strength training may enjoy the FIRM Basics beginner series ( Abs, Buns & Thighs, Fat Burning, Sculpting with Weights).

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