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There are several video series on the market created to give instructors new choreography ideas along with a great workout. The steps aren't usually broken down as thoroughly as on mass-market videos so that more choreography can be packed onto the video.

Creative Instructors Aerobics videos are extra-long, 1-2 hour videos with as many as 3 workouts on a single video. Often you will find step and hi/lo choreography on a single video. Prominent club instructors from all over the US are featured in the series. The higher the number on a CIA video, the newer the video. Most of the choreography in this video series is at an intermediate to advanced level of intensity. See the reviews of CIA videos for more information.

Kari Anderson, one of the most creative choreographers in the business, has also begun a series for instructors called Great Moves. The series features Kari's own choreography, as well as that of other prominent fitness professionals such as Andre Houle and Michelle LeMay. The Great Moves tapes pack as many ideas as possible into about 30-35 minutes. Kari's United Steps and all three Great Moves hi/lo tapes are favorites of VF readers. Most of the choreography in the Great Moves series is at an intermediate/advanced level of intensity. Don't miss Kari's DanceWorks, either.

If you're looking for some amazing hi/lo routines or some mind-boggling step moves, look no farther than Christi Taylor's workouts, especially Hi/Lo Heaven, Step Heaven, Happy Hour Hi/Lo, Still Steppin', Still Jumpin' and CIA 9801. Cathe Friedrich's videos are also excellent choices. Her videos, mostly intense power step workouts with interesting choreography and crystal clear instruction, are very popular with advanced exercisers. Though all her videos made after 1994 are excellent, PowerMax, Step Fit, and Step Jam will offer the most unique choreography.

Two other video series, Sara's City and Shaped 2 Fit, also offer choreography ideas from top instructors. Their production quality is significantly lower than the other video series' mentioned, but they are primarily intended to be used for ideas.

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