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Fitness Levels

You are much more likely to choose the perfect video if you know what level is appropriate for you. But what's the difference between intermediate and intermediate/advanced, for example? When we refer to fitness level here at Video Fitness, we are typically referring to one's level of cardiovascular fitness.

Beginners typically have not built up much cardiovascular endurance yet, and may be unaccustomed to exercise movements, so beginner videos will be mostly low impact, with basic, easy to follow moves that get a beginner's heart pumping while keeping the heart rate in the aerobic zone. The workouts in this category are normally shorter in length, with cardio sections from 15-30 minutes, and the good ones have detailed instruction on form.

Intermediate exercisers have been participating in regular exercise for a while, and will have more endurance and better control over their muscles. Accordingly, the cardio section of intermediate videos will be longer (usually 25-40 minutes), and some higher impact moves may be added to increase the heart rate. More complex patterns may be added to keep things interesting.

Advanced exercisers will have a good base of cardiovascular fitness and enough muscular strength to keep them going during workouts of one hour or longer. They can typically handle higher impact moves like jumps and leaps with control and at low risk of injury, so you'll find more of these used in advanced level videos to increase the intensity.

A video's target fitness level has little to do with how complex the choreography may be. You will find videos with basic choreography and videos with more complex choreography at every level, so read comments and reviews carefully if you have a preference.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your cardiovascular fitness level may be different from your strength level. You may be able to run a 10K or do a high impact step tape, but if you have never done strength training you should still start with a more introductory strength video, which will normally include lots of form pointers, tips and variations.

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