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Fortunately, there are a lot of great step videos at the advanced level. Your best bet is anything produced by Cathe Friedrich from 1994 on. She has a long list of VF Favorites, including PowerMax, Step Fit, and Step Jam.

If you're a fan of traditional mixed impact floor aerobics, also known as Hi/Lo, it becomes increasingly difficult to find challenging routines at the advanced level. Video Fitness hi/lo fans have flocked to Christy Taylor's hi/lo segments in CIA 9801 and 7002. Kari Anderson's Sweat Express and Great Moves Hi/Lo videos are also popular, though a notch less intense. More athletic routines include Cathe Friedrich's Maximum Intensity Cardio, a half hour of heart pounding mostly high impact floor moves that will get your heart pumping, followed by a half hour of step. If you prefer basic choreography to complex stuff, pick Maximum Intensity Cardio over the CIA or Kari Anderson tapes.

Mindy Mylrea is also known for her high intensity, high impact, athletic workouts.

If you can't decide between step and hi/lo, why not try one of the great combination workouts on the market? VF Favorites include CIA 9801, 7002, and 9704, Kari Anderson's Two the Max, and Cathe Friedrich's Maximum Intensity Cardio.

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