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If you don't want to buy any equipment yet, consider the following:

If you would like a very short, non-threatening workout to get you started, Kathy Smith's March to Fitness or Leslie Sansone's Miracle Mile are two good choices. Each is under a half hour including warm up and cool down.

If you're looking for a longer beginner workout, try the Kathy Smith's Fat Burning Workout. Even after all these years it's still a classic, with nearly 40 minutes of cardio. Leslie Sansone's Weight Loss Walk is another longer beginner workout, with approximately 52 minutes of cardio.

A New You with Linda Evans, which is taught by the always excellent Kari Anderson. The video's beautiful forest setting, great music, excellent instruction, and exercisers of all shapes and sizes make this a very non-threatening beginner workout.

If you have two left feet, try Ada Janklowicz's Basic Training, which includes moves as basic as marches and step touches. The military boot camp style and set will appeal to men as well as women, and it includes a strength training segment. 1-5 lb. dumbells are suggested for the strength segment.

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