Registration Help

Reviewer Name: If you have used a unique name to sign your reviews in the past, you may want to use that name as your "Reviewer Name". This will keep all your old reviews linked to your current account. If you would like to use a new name for your reviews, we can transfer the old reviews to your new name. Contact the moderator to request this change.

Email: Your email will never appear anywhere. It is required to register for notification purposes only.

VF Id: The VF Id is optional. Add it if you want to share your Forum profile here. If the id is entered, members of the Forum can access your user profile page to see your fitness likes/dislikes, fitness level, etc.

To determine your VF Id:

  1. While in the Reader Forum, look at the top of the page on the right, where it says "Welcome, yourname".
  2. Click on "yourname" to see your user profile.
  3. Find your ID # by looking at the link at the top of your browser. At the end of the link, it should say "member.php?u=xxxx". The number xxxx is your VF id and what you should type into the VF field, to link to your profile.