CIA 6004: Triple Play Workout

Denise Tucker, Rich Seibert
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Step Aerobics

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I really enjoyed doing this video so I looked at the reviews to see how my opinion compared to other people who had done it, but was surprised to find there wasn't a review of it. I didn't do the hi-lo (although it looks pretty good), so I can't review it, but I did the warm-up (10 minutes), the step (38 minutes), the resistance training (40 minutes) and the final stretch (7 minutes). The steps were very easy to pick up the first time. They were mostly "athletic" steps - football shuffles, basketball shoots, repeaters, etc. I liked the way they were put together in several routines. The resistance training uses dumbbells, a Body Bar and tubing, and were slow and effective. The stretch at the end was nice and long. My only complaint was that there wasn't much of a cooldown between the step aerobics and toning portions.

I did a total workout of 90 minutes, but the time just flew because I was really enjoying it. I've been feeling good all day since doing it. I highly recommend this tape.

Instructor Comments:
I like both of these instructors. Denise is a little stiff, but cues well. I think Rich also cues well and is one of the better male CIA instructors I've seen. I like the way they switch back and forth.

Karen Walsh


This starts with a wonderful plyometric/high-low floor workout. Each instructor alternates in adding on "parts." Rich teaches a regular high-low pattern and then Denise alternates with a pattern that includes plyometric moves. You "take it from the top" a couple of times before the next instructor adds on, thus keeping your heart rate up. This is a lot of fun, and an excellent workout.

The next workout is step, and they again take turns adding on segments. The steps are athletic-type moves. This section is also quite good, but I like the high/low even better.

Finally, there's a 40-minute resistance workout using a body bar and tubing. I just use hand weights for the body bar, and sometimes for the tubing as well. It's a pretty good workout. I don't think the legs are worked as much as they could be, but the upper body section is very good. The biceps are killer if you use your normal-size hand weights that you use for other videos. There is also a short abs section.

I really like this tape and rank it an A.

Instructor Comments:
These two are good instructors and make a great team. I'd like to see them again, either together or separately.

Annie S.


I highly recommend this tape. It consists of 8 minutes warm-up follwed by 30 minutes of hi/lo plyometric aerobics. Denise Tucker, who has one of the best bodies on any exercise video, and Rich Seibert, who I would love to see more of, are dynamite as a tag team format workout. I consider the tape intermediate-advanced, plyo moves interspersed with low impact. The step section is 35 minutes long, all athletic moves like the hi/lo. Enough high impact to satisfy any advanced exercise, with an option to do low impact (watching one of the exercisers). There is no cooldown after the step, so you need to walk in place before you tackle the toning section, which is quite good. Weight segment consisted of squats with weights, lat rows, bicep curls (two sets), tricep overhead extensions with the tubing (I really felt that), tough pushup segment using the step, and a short (7 minutes) ab section that I really felt. A satisfying, two hour complete workout.

Instructor Comments:
Very professional, fun instructors. Impeccable cueing.

maryann parker


Another soup-to-nuts total-body blast from CIA. I like this slightly better overall than 6001, but not as much as 7002. As the title indicates, this seems aimed at those who prefer athletics and sports to "dancing around". Pleasant, no-nonsense instructors Denise Tucker and Rich Siebert teach the cardio segments in tag-team style. For the hi-lo, they do three combos each with a low-impact interval and a power interval. (One person always remains low-impact.) The moves are bold, simple and athletic, and the instructors use weight-lifting terms like "pec deck" to describe arm movements. The step segment is one of the toughest I own, with lots of fast, powerful steps (pendulums, power lunges, across-the-tops) and more "sporty" arm movements like "slam dunks" and "swimming". Denise then skillfully leads strength training with a step, tubing, dumbbells and Body Bar, showing a number of variations that mainly focus on arms and shoulders. Rich tops it off with a relatively easy ab workout.
Even though I prefer dancier workouts, I cycle in this tape occasionally because the repetitive, high-impact moves really work my legs. Fans of Reebok's athletic-style workouts might enjoy this. Grade: A

Sue B


and Rich Seibert

Warm-up: 8 min
Power Low: 30 min
Step: 35 Min
Weight Training: 40 Min
Stretch: 7 Min

Power Low: 3 combos each broken into 2 parts, a standard aerobic combo and a plyometric combo. Ends with doing all 3 combos 2 times.

Athletic Step has five combos.

Finally! A CIA tape that doen't take a lot of room, and isn't dancy!

I really did not like the weight training in this video. It required a body bar, resistance tubes, and hand weights. The upper body part was OK, but the lower body didn't seem hard at all, but the aerobics in this tape make it worth buying.

So if you are like me and don't get into dancy moves but do want an advanced interesting work out I would definately recommend this tape!

Grade: A+

Tonya Bednarick