CIA 4002: Hi/Lo

Linda McHugh, Susan Foley, Rich Siebert
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Step Aerobics

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I got this tape in a trade, and it's probably no longer on the market, so this is really more of an "instructor review". I had never seen Linda McHugh before, but now I want to see more of her! Her 30-minute hi-lo segment is one of the toughest and best I've seen on video. Linda wastes no time with idle chitchat or excessive marching - she launches right into her routine, then before you know it she's adding more layers and fluorishes than a wedding cake. There are three different combos, and so many steps and variations are added that there's no time for a final run-through, but fans of dancy Kari-style aerobics will not be disappointed. I also love the music, mainly '80s new-wave dance hits. Linda then hits the step for half an hour. The steps may seem old hat compared to more recent videos, and Linda spends more time going over them than she did with the hi-lo, but her warmth and enthusiasm still make the segment enjoyable. Linda definitely shows star potential on 4002, enough to make me want to check out her more recent videos. Oh yes, the rest of the tape... Susan Foley, who leads the warm up and a low impact workout, does way too many yells and silly remarks ("Are we having FUN or what!!!!") for my taste. Rich Siebert ends the tape with an unremarkable but fun hi-lo workout similar to his CIA 6004 work. A+ for Linda, B- for the rest.

Instructor Comments:
Linda's cute as a button and so good at cueing, only your stamina will come between you and her workout. She does whoop occasionally - but I was whooping too!! Rich is fun and funny. Susan, to put it kindly, is not my style.

Sue B