CIA 1007

Scott Cole, Jeff Vandiver
Year Released: 1989

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is a "complete" workout, unlike some of the other CIA 1000 series. Meaning that it starts with a warmup, ends with a cooldown, and has a workout in between. This one is 75 minutes. All the aerobics are done on the floor, and there are 3 sections: low-impact, high/low, and funk. Both the intensity and choreography are intermediate.

These guys are just a blast. You can't help but have fun with them. They wear different clothes for each section, and they even joke about that.

But alas, as fun as they are, I just don't get the intensity I'm looking for as an advanced exerciser. So I will be reluctantly putting it on the exchange.

One thing I just can't get over about the tape is how YOUNG Jeff and Scott look. Or is it just me getting old?

Instructor Comments:
These two crack me up all the time. They're so much fun together, and you can tell they're having fun, too. No fake smiles here!

Annie S.


This is a complete workout including an 11 minute warm-up, 18 minutes of low impact with plyo jumps, 11 minutes of high impact with more plyo jumps and 17 minutes of funk aerobics (I am totally unfunkable! so I skipped this section), followed by a short 3 minute stretch. This is a tag-team workout with these two hunks and it flew right by. They didn't repeat any combos, just kept doing new moves with no turning back. I liked this concept, and I will do this workout minus the funk section. Good music and lots of fun.

Instructor Comments:
Really love both of these instructors - Scott Cole is on Abs of Steel 2 (Men of Steel series) and Jeff Vandiver is one of the original Fitness Pros.

maryann parker