CIA 1006

Cathe Friedrich, Greg Twombly, Charles Little, Brenda Dyksdaaf
Year Released: 1989

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This 1989 CIA oldie starts out with Charles Little doing 22 minutes of low impact, high intensity (no warm-up, but you don't need it) with large movements that got my heartrate up without lots of jumping. He does a lot of the same moves over and over, like step touches, in between movements. It is a no-brainer, but my heartrate was up there. Next came 18 minutes with Brenda Dyksdaaf (from QVC - she sells exercise equipment). I have her Champion video from years ago, and the moves here are the same - very high impact - she is a bit perky and not for everyone, but I love high impact and this was a good complement to Charles' segment. Then came a 10 minute segment that just talked about Aerobic Kids doing routines and showed a sample (this should be skipped totally). Then what I waited for, Greg and Cathe Friedrich together - her very first video, and she looked very nervous, but adorable as ever. They do a 20 minute tag team hi/lo segment, mostly high, with some plyo moves (not hard like MIC). It abruptly stops short with no cooldown, so I walked around a bit before the floorwork, which consisted of seven minutes of leg lifts, table work, inner thighs w/o weights followed by five minutes of ab work (warning: Greg only works one side of the leg, so you have to do the other side yourself or rewind). This video was worth $8.00 just to see Cathe and Greg. She was quite inexperienced in cueing, constantly saying the left leg (her left) when she should say the right leg (for us). But I forgive her anything, as she has been my all-time favorite instructor.

maryann parker