CIA 1005

Cathe Friedrich, Lynne Brick, Greg Twombly, Suzy Stone, Anne Criner
Year Released: 1989

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Its So great to see Suzy Stone, a former National Aerobics champ turned choreographer in her aerobic days in this instructor video. I have been a major fan and following her career for years as a student and devotee. Suzy's dynamic personality and bubbliness shines as bright as it does now, in 2011, in her current Hip Hop Kidz program. I miis being her student, as her workouts always inspired me, so havimg this video is great.



Like CIA 1002, this has four independent segments each with warm-up and cool-down. In each, the instructor introduces her or his approach and goals.

Greg Twombly is a wonderful teacher--although the constant calling on the "girls" with him is a wee bit...

I found Lynne Brick clear and knowledgeable, but I am not a fan. Lots of marching, which is used both as a bridge and as a move, and much of the variation comes from changing floor direction and from arm movement.

Suzy Stone gives an easy to follow hi-impact, which, having been through Nancy DeMattei and now Cathe, ten years later, isn't as tough as it may have been in 1989. The best part is the anonymous participant--Cathe Friedrich. She appears to be weightless, jumps, bounces, kicks, always with grace, ease, and apparently without interference from gravity.

If you're a Lynne Brick fan, want more of Greg's excellent teaching, or if you want to document Cathe F's professional progress, you would enjoy this tape.

Beth Simon


Greg starts out with 20 minutes of hi/lo which was mostly low, so you really don't need a warm-up. As usual, Greg never fails to satisfy my thirst for fun (boy, did I say that?). Lynne Brick, who I really like from other videos, does 20 minutes of hi/lo which got better as it went along. Next, Suzy Stone did a 20 minute very high impact segment that I will definitely add on to something else - and guess who is the background exerciser? The one and only Cathe Friedrich - her very first video appearance. I couldn't believe it! The last segment is a 20 minute stretch by Anne Criner - if you like long stretch workouts, it is good, but I am too hyper and can't relax for that long, so my eyes will never look at that segment again. Just to see Cathe, this is a steal.

maryann parker