Sheena Easton's 7 Minute Stomach

Sheena Easton
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Abs/Core

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This video was originally sold on an infomercial with some kind of blow-up lower back support. I purchased mine for under $5 at a discount store, and it was worth it! This was the ONLY ab video I used up until two years ago. I don't know if you can buy it anywhere, but if you find it and like short abdominal workouts similar to Five Day Abs get it!

Sheena starts by explaining technique, which she does surprisingly well! The only complaint I had was she had her hands clasped behind her head and I was taught that was wrong.

She then goes into a regular routine, it's just Sheena on a set with various screens and a countdown going (which I personally liked because I knew we were almost done). She does almost all basic crunch exercises, oblique twist, combos, three beat crunches, crunch holds, etc. The tape is pretty basic. Sheena doesn't use ankle weights or even recommend them, but I do. She then ends with a short stretch.

All in all it is an effective tape just as good as Five Day Abs.

Instructor Comments:
Well it's Sheena Easton...she instructs actually pretty well for a rock singer. She wasn't annoying at all and I really expected that.

Stephanie Bridges