CIA 1002

Clare Dunphy, Charles Little, Bret Kelly, Nancy DeMattei
Year Released: 1988

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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After the CIA 1000 Series was mentioned on the Forum and I received the flyer, I called CIA for advice. Greg Twombly recommended this, along with 1005 and 1007. On 1002, each instructor starts with a short introduction to their approach and teaching goals, then each segment has its own warm up and cool down. But--the tape is lots of fun and interesting for a number of reasons. First,this is a real *studio*, not a stage. Behind the instructors are large glass doors leading, I think, to the street. The instructors are not "presenters," and so on. There is an immediacy to the production that I like very much.

Charles Little is first with Greg and Clare Dunphy working with him. I'm a big Charles Little fan from 8001, and when I called CIA, Greg talked about what a great master instructor and dancer he is. Little's segment is composed of low-impact combinations, and as he works, he talks about moving on several planes simultaneously. I love to watch him work. His moves use major large muscles groups to go from low to high positions while covering a lot of ground. Greg and Clare are clearly working hard, and by half-way thru, they are all slick with sweat. (An interesting point--Charles' cool-down, grapevines with "jazz" hands is what Cathe F uses in Step Jam. I think they must have all watched each other during that time.)

Little's segment is excellent for understanding how to get maximum cardio and toning effect from low-impact floor work--especially because the three of them each have different bodies and styles of motion. (I wish it were longer--but of course, that wasn't their purpose.)

Bret Kelly's segment is fun. He introduces a low-impact version that moves across the floor, shows the hi-impact variation, still moving, then shows different low/hi alternations, always moving. Again, Greg & Clare work with him. For those who don't mind fast-forwarding while exercising, you would get a good 30-some minute hi-lo w/o with the first two segments.

Nancy DeMattei's segment is REALLY hi-impact, non-stop, vibrant energy. I watched her with pure and serious awe. (I wonder how her legs are ten years later.) There's a "warning" on the box that her segment is for advance (sic) instructors, but I think that's because, when she cues at all, it's halfway thru the move. DeMattei seems to get happier and happier as the segment progresses, her jumps, even more explosive, her kicks, even higher. I have added her to my collection of athlete goddesses. You can substitute those hi-impact calf-pumps and jumping jacks and cheerleader kicks from MIC if you miss DeMattei's move.

Finally Clare Dunphy stretches and tones. She, too, is quite impressive. Somehow (how?) she combines being both compact (low center of gravity), muscular, and very limber.

For eight dollars, this is a fun tape.

Beth Simon