Choreography 2 Go: Pure and Simple

Marcus Irwin
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Step Aerobics

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Aerobics section: 28 minutes with 9 32-count combos.
Step section: 25 minutes 7 32-count combos (1 is actually only 16-count)

Aerobics: There is a lot of choreography in 28 minutes, when you consider that most full length workouts only have 3 to 6 32-count combos in them. The choreography is simpler than other Marcus workouts. However, once you learn the combo you don't come back to it, so I didn't find this workout boring at all. Moves are repeated more than once in a combo instead of reducing the moves down as he does often in his other workouts. For example you do 2 v-steps in a row, instead of only doing 1 and going right into the next move. In a workout with less choreography this drives me nuts, because I get so bored by the end. But again, because when the combo is done, it is gone, I didn't mind this.

The hi/lo on this tape is definitely higher impact and more intense than any other of the Marcus hi/lo, besides Xtrain Xpress (which includes a very short intense aerobic section). When I previewed it (often in fast forward mode) it looked like it even might be too high impact for my tastes. However, it actually was a good mix of high and low and I am happy to have a higher intensity hi/lo workout from Marcus.

The choreography is made up of mostly old-fashioned low impact (i.e. grapevines, hamstring curls) and high-impact aerobic moves (flick-kicks, double-knees, leaps, scissors and hops). There are very few dancy moves like cha-chas, mambos, or pivots, and this workout does not have Marcus' traditional dancy feel.

Step: The step workout is not as fun as Marcus' other step workouts, but it is good enough for me to probably do again in combination with the hi/lo. If I am craving some Marcus step though, I would probably choose one of his other workouts.

The production is not great. The camera seems to be farther back and the picture is not that clear. I wish the music, which is good, was louder. Some of the hi/lo combos take up quite a bit of room and will probably need to be modified for most people at home. I have a lot of room right to left, but I don't have much front-to-back room, so I did have to modify. If you have a tiny space to work out in, you might not like this workout.

Instructor Comments:
I love Marcus! He is charming, cute, a good choreographer and teacher.

Lisa C


This has two sections: 28 minutes of high/low and 25 minutes of step. It’s the signature choreography you would expect from Marcus. He calls it intermediate choreography, but I’d be more inclined to call it advanced, at least on the step portion. In any case, it’s definitely not “simple.” Whatever anyone calls the choreography, it’s certainly fun and the time goes by really quickly. The intensity ranges from intermediate to advanced. The production quality of this one is somewhat better than the earlier Choreography 2 Go tapes, but still not very good. Recommended for any Marcus fan – don’t let the “simple” in the title fool you! Grade A.

Annie S.