Caribbean Workout: Aerobics

Shelly McDonald
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is a canadian production in which they sent the cast and crew to a resort in the caribbean to film workouts on the resort's property. sometimes they workout on the beach, sometimes by the pool, etc. the scenery is nice and it is usually sunny. i really like doing workouts that are filmed in warm locations during the winter-time here in Canada. gilad in hawaii is another good january-buster.

today i did one of the caribbean workout shows from the aerobics dvd. on this dvd there are 4 programs -- two low impact routines and two hi-lo routines.

i chose to do the first low impact workout and had to laugh as it was a show that i am quite familiar with. it was the same show as one that my dad taped for me from tv about a year and a half ago. so i knew all of the steps and followed along perfectly. not that the steps were hard at all but i had no mis-steps because ive done that particular routine a few times already. the only difference was that they took out the commercials on the dvd.

the workout ended up lasting around 22 minutes. i think that
they chose to put this particular workout on the dvd because of the
interaction between shelly (the lead) and her two background exercisers (joanna and caroline) -- they laugh and make jokes and seem to be having fun.

there are a few flubs in the workout though -- a crew member
drops/smashes something off-camera and the girls laugh and joke about
it.... shelly misses a few cues here and there which causes the girls behind her to mis-step a few times and joanna jokes that she really needs shelly to cue every single thing for her.
however shelly does cue left
and right properly (thank goodness!) so that almost makes up for a few boo-boos.

also, the flow of the workout gets interrupted by the commercials that were in the original broadcast so now that the commercials are removed, the workout seems a bit jerky in those spots. sharon mann had the same problem, but on her dvd, she put up a blue screen where a commercial would come in to avoid that jerkiness.

after the aerobics, shelly has us do a lunge series which was ok, then a few stretches.

Instructor Comments:

Carolyn Visser