Cardio Striptease

Jeff Costa
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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I bought this DVD just for a little fun and something different from my regular Kathy Smith Step tapes, which I love.

It was a fun video, but way too short to be a good workout. The total tape is about 40 minutes:
-10 Minute warm up
-12 Minute cardio striptease
-5 Minutes cool down
-10 Minute "Sexy Abs" workout
-5 Minutes cool down

The cardio striptease portion is fun, and Jeff does a good job. He's not too serious, and he encourages you to be sexy, and stuff like that. The moves are very easy (I didn't feel stupid doing them...). Some walking moves, some hips, some arms. It didn't get my heart rate up at all, and even if it had, the cardio section is over before it even starts! Way too short.

The ab section was pretty stupid -all "standing ab work," and I didn't feel my abs engage at all. Pretty much a waste.

The 6 (or so) women that he has dancing with him are pretty bad. Not bad dancers, just very strange. They look like "good girls" trying to be sexy. The camera operator likes to focus on the women's bellies and their crotches a lot, which was annoying. Who's watching this tape anyway?

In all, I wouldn't recommend this tape, except to beginners or people really interested in the cardio striptease idea. I may try another Cardio Striptease tape (Carmen electra??), but won't be doing the Jeff Costa one very often.

Instructor Comments:
Jeff is great - very fun, a little silly, and he motivates.