Body Sizzle 2

Tracy Hess
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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March in place with arm movement followed by grapevine. Tracy then adds a stir the pot motion with her arms. Toe touches to the side with overhead arms & shoulder rolls are next. Tracy warms up the hips with hip swings. This is followed by hamstring curls using various counts/patterns. Lunges with "James Bond" arms are next. Stretches are next. The warmup prepares you for the cardio that follows.

Cardio Funk: In about 20 minutes, you'll have tons of fun with simple, easy moves. Nothing complicated, Tracy spices things up using funky names for different moves (such as the birthday cake move which is a mini jumping move with arms). Anyone can follow along. Basic march with v-step begins the section. Next move is heels to front, then march. Repeat>these first moves kind of act like a warmup. 1st move is mambo 4 times, march it out. Then she adds a pivot turn to the end of the mambo. (marching in place acts like buffer while learning moves) Repeat those moves to left side. Next is 2 steps to right, 2 steps to left, then make them chasses with sharp arms. March it out. Back mambo/front mambo is then added to chasse move. Next she'll add a pivot turn to the back/front mambo. March. Adding on 8 low impact mini jumps (birthday cake). Next is tap to side with overhead arms. Then blend those two moves together. Airplane arms with toe tapping to side are then added prior to taking it from the top with all the combinations. Next up is 2 steps to each side with a little kick at the end of the movement. Tracy then repeats the combos again with that new move added. HEART RATE CHECK
After the heart rate, Tracy throws out those combos and begins new ones. She starts with the 2 steps to side movement. Next is knee lifts alternating sides. (she works down the pyramid in reps to each side-8, 4, 2) March. Reach high, then low, then pull/pull to each side is next. (this works the waist) Tracy adds a hop to the above movement. Funky arms with legs held in plie are next. Sit back in a squat before moving on. Pull knee in for 4 counts in dropped position, then 4 high knees, then pull opposite knee in dropped position. Repeat/reduce. Waist twists are next. She then adds movement, punches and jacks (all with no impact). To end the cardio, she adds in a few pushups.

Cooldown: Very basic moves to cool you down & prepare you for sculpting. Gentle movements and stretches are demonstrated.

Body Sculpting:

Using very light weights (2-3 lbs), Tracy begins with overhead presses followed by punches to the front. (she keeps her legs moving for more cardio) Upright row is next followed by a unique move for rear delts/shoulders. Side crunches to each side (standing) will work your obliques. Plies with overhead presses precede standing unilateral chest flyes. Front raises followed by side lateral raises all work that same side. Tracy then stretches out that arm/side and then does that combo (flyes/front raises/side lateral raises) with the opposite arm. Plies with side lateral raises first to front then to back are next. This is followed by bicep curls/kickbacks with rear lunges. More bicep work is next prior to hitting the floor for abdominals. Modified roll ups begin this section. Lots of various movements hit all areas of the abdominal wall. A gentle cooldown completes this 25 minute sculpting session.

Instructor Comments:
Very upbeat!! There is lots of energy from the background exercisers and you'll hear the occassional "whoop" from a few of them.