The Basics - Aerobics

Alan Harris
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This was 20 minutes of non-workout that was easier than one of Leslie Sansone's one mile workouts.

Six women were in the class with Alan and they couldnt do anything in sync if their lives depended on it.
There was only one woman in the class who could follow Alan and his cues... the others were doing some other workout.

He actually did the whole workout (which was good because no one else in the class was doing it) and did try to cue, but the cues melted into all of his other chattering so they were had to hear.
I doubt that the women behind him could hear him at all.
At least I hope that is the reason for their awful peformances in this low budget workout.

What a waste of money!

Instructor Comments:
Alan is very annoying but instead of feeling bothered, I had to
laugh at him.
He talks so fast... chattering constantly.
I cracked right up at one point when Alan was trying to change the aerobics move he was doing and he bumped into the woman beside him, who was flailing around, doing some other aerobics move that was done 5 minutes ago.... 'Oh, sorry baby!' he said to her! LOLOL!
His tone of voice and the way he said it struck me as hilarious!

Carolyn Visser