Aussie Fit Lite Aerobics (aka Low Impact Aerobics)

Michelle Dean
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is a long, low-impact workout, suitable for beginners to intermediates (beginners can make it easier by leaving out some of the arm movements, for example). The instructor occasionally shows intensity options.

The workout is led by Michelle Dean, an Australian Aerobic Champion. She starts with a 6-minute warming up and stretch. She builds up a combo by adding moves and then taking it from the top a couple of times. There are no difficult steps to learn; she uses grapevines, knee-ups, leg curls, taps, etc. and plenty of arm movements. The music is energetic “get-up-and-move” music (it’s Dynamix). The aerobic section lasts about 30 minutes. It’s followed by a 5-minute cooldown and 7-minute stretch, done standing and on the floor. Modifications of the stretches are shown, and the importance of stretching properly is emphasised. All in all, a good low-impact workout, which shows that low impact doesn’t have to mean low intensity.

One of the other members of the team, John Novak, cracks the occasional joke (“I want to do power moves”) and chats with Michelle about the workout.

Several exercise tips by a doctor are included in the tape: before the workout starts, and three times during the workout (they’re quite short, you just keep moving). There’s also a tip on choosing suitable training shoes.

Instructor Comments:
Michelle is a friendly, cheerful person. Her cues are easy to follow, and she demonstrates new steps before you join in. She gives frequent reminders about posture.

Glynis van Uden