Aussie Fit Fat Burner

Donna ODwyer
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Instructor Donna ODwyer leads this hi/lo aerobic workout, which lasts about 40 minutes (including warm-up and cooling down).

The workout starts with an energetic warm-up. The steps used throughout are easy and non-dancey: grapevines, heel digs, jumping jacks, etc. Although the moves themselves are easy to learn, she goes quite fast sometimes and I got a bit lost a couple of times, but Im starting to remember the routine now (after doing the tape three or four times - Im one of those choreography/coordination-challenged people). One person performs low-impact moves. To cool down, she has you do funky moves (shimmying the shoulders, gyrating the hips). Its okay, but not my favourite cooldown. The workout finishes with a short but relaxing stretch.

Id say this is at intermediate level (high intermediate if you do all the high-impact moves). Its an energizing, fun aerobic workout.

Instructor Comments:
Donna cues well, and several times she reminds you to pace yourself, watch your breathing and posture, and drink plenty of water. She whoops quite a lot, especially at the beginning of the workout, which some people might find annoying.

Glynis van Uden