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Marcos Prolo

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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On cardio work, I am an intermediate exerciser who is playing with advanced choreography. With strength work, I am an intermediate exerciser, who doesnít really want to move up to advanced work.

It is ironic that I enjoy advanced choreography because I am a cardio klutz. It takes me quite awhile to learn new workouts that have complex choreography, but, once I do, LOOK OUT! I have such a blast! So, what I usually do is do a workout I already know and then tack on a new tape at the end. I do as much of the new workout as I can (5 min., 10, maybe 15) and then do it again a few days later. Each time I do it, I usually do more the workout.

With this tape, I followed this trend, but didnít need to because I was able to follow so much of his choreography. The firs time I did the tape, I stopped at the 45-minute mark. He breaks down each combo a little at a time and then puts it together as he goes. This means that there is a lot of TIFTing, so if you donít like taking it from the top, you wonít like this tape. However, he puts together several really fun combinations that keep my heart rate going throughout the workout. Most of the workout is low impact and the parts that arenít can easily be modified to make them low impact.

He mirror cues most of the time. However, in a couple of places, he gets really into what heís doing and says the wrong way. But, it didnít throw me at all as the moves were flowing so well at that point.

This is a great workout for days that I want a long hi/lo workout that keeps my heart going the whole time. Itís fun and a good workout.

Instructor Comments:
He is very encouraging and engaging and explains moves well. He does remind me of Kari Anderson, my favorite instructor.

Laura S.


This is a Sara City production. I was hesitant about trying one of their videos due to the comments about production value. But when I got their catalog with videos for $10 on sale I decided to give it a shot. The production was not as bad as I thought. When I am working out I really do not pay attention to that anyway. The music was just so-so but it was not bad either.

On to the workout itself... I really liked this video. It is a 60 minute hi/lo tape with mostly low impact moves at high intensity. I was really pleased at this because there just is not enough low impact tapes that can stay at high intensity. I believe the higher intensity is due to faster than usual hi/lo music as well as very little marching in place. He also does not spend much time teaching moves which helps keep the intensity up. One reason is that the choreography is fairly simple. Mostly grapevines, hamstring curls, and lots of step touches. He mixes it up by changing directions and quite a few pivots. There is a lot of TIFT in this video so if you do not like that you probably will not like this video. Myself, I like it because it lets me practice and once I know the steps well I can really get into it. There was about 5 or 6 combos and at the end he only takes it from the top once.

All in all this is a great hi/lo video. I would rate it at a high intermediate or low advanced level which is about where I am at. It is great for those who like hi/lo but like it keep it lower impact, like myself. And it is a complete steal at $10!!

Instructor Comments:
He cues very well which is really good for me. I would like to try his step workouts next. As far as Sara City Productions go, I will not hesitate to buy from them in the future!



Intermediate - Advanced Levels
Warm Up & Workout: 55 Minutes
Cool Down: 3 Minutes
My Brief Overview:

Created for group fitness instructors, this workout was packed with fun choreography and a good (looking) lead! The instruction is one-on-one (no supporting cast).

Marcos has a slight Latin accent and is virtually right-on in his cueing. There were plenty of "unique" moves such as the "reverse grapvine", "alternating and turning hamsting curls with a double side leap" and "a double knee step touch turn with ham curls at the end". I plan on implementing those in my own cardio classes!

The workout is strictly the AFAA's "The Link Method, (add-on method)" or "taking it from the top", and it seems like it takes forever to put it together, but I noticed along with his Double Step Workout, he is METICULOUS about breaking down. He seems to make all his steps look so easy. The music, to me, wasn't "all that". It was purely instrumental, however, it was a soundtrack I've not heard before. This is a plus!

Marcos' style reminds me of Kari Anderson, dancy, yet do-able. So for those of you who enjoy her, you've just gotta try him out! Since I wear my Capezio Jazz Sneakers when I do high-low or dancy type vids, I would caution exercisers with tenny's on carpeted surfaces. There's a definite "latin" feel with the pivots and mambo-cha cha moves, so make sure you modify to protect your knees.

This video had me flying throughout and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I give it an A- Giving the (-) because the music could have been MUCH better, but it was tolerable :-)

Myra M.