Advanced Sports Fitness

Kathy Ireland
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This workout reminds me of PE class, and I imagine it is what boot camp is like. Aerobic drills (burpies, jog in place, push-ups, etc) interspersed with upper body conditioning. The exercises are standard (Bicep curls, flys, lat rows, etc), and she does two sets of 20 reps for everything. It is repetitive and exhausting. The music is barely there and she doesnt' pay much attention to it, so I don't know why they bothered. Now that I know the routine I put my own music on and just watch for visual cues. This might be the kind of no-nonsense and grueling workout that would appeal to a husband, and of course, they get to look at Kathy Ireland! The Marine Corps style isn't for everybody, but after I do it I am one pooped puppy. The tape has no ab work! So you will have to add it separately.



The three videos I mentioned are successive videos and I can see results in Kathy and her Mom, who is in each video also. I have found that I am working up from a very beginner level to moderate and now this winter I will begin her Sports fitness video. I purchased it and have only watched it so far.

I like the rhythm and speed in which she teaches and I have found that it is great to begin my day with her. I open my eyes at 5am and hit the floor running so that I don't change my mind and turn over and say forget it.

Thanks to Kathy, I can exercise in the winter. I love the outdoors but South Dakota this winter is pretty harsh and unpredictable so I rely on this way of exercise for now. When I get bored, I use Ali McGraw Yoga tape, or Richard Simmons, or Aerobic 2000. But when I am half asleep and want to do it on auto, I do Kathy. I can break a sweat, push myself to good heart rate and feel it afterwards.