Abs, Buns & Thighs

Jane Fonda
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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I have had this workout since it first came out back in 1995, and have done it many times, on and off, over the last 16 years, so thought it was time I wrote a review!

As the other reviewers have stated above, there are two - 25 minute routines, both geared towards the beginner/intermediate exerciser. Each routine has its own warm-up, aerobic/lower body toning section, cool-down, abs and stretch. The aerobic moves are basic, with moves such as grapevines, side steps, heel jacks, sashays, mambo's, ski jumps side to side, and so on. The moves can be done low impact (following Jane) or higher impact (following Michelle or Kim). The structure of both workouts is detailed below:

Warm Up (Jane)
Aerobic Section (Kim or Michelle)
Lower Body Sculpting (Jane)
Aerobic Section 2 (Kim or Michelle)
Lower Body Sculpting 2 (Jane)
Aerobic Section 3 (slightly longer segment as it includes a "cool-down") Kim or Michelle
Lower Body Section 3 (Jane)
Abs (Jane)
Stretch (Jane)

If you are an intensity junkie, these workouts are not for you. People who enjoy Walking Style workouts may find this a good alternative to the standard fayre. It is more intense and "aerobic-y" than say, a Leslie Sansone workout and the more varied movements make it a more interesting workout than simply walking, as none of the movements are repeated once you are done with each little aerobic routine.

You can make this a solid intermediate workout by doing both workouts together, following the higher impact modifications, or using light handweights throughout (which is how I used it today) - a great way to boost the intensity and give your upper body a great workout too!

The lower body toning segments are done standing, which keeps the cardio factor going. Jane uses a chair for balance for several of these segments, however, regular exercisers can work your stabiliser muscles more effectively if you ditch the chair, and maybe even grab some handweights for an extra challenge to the lower body.

All in all, if you can overlook the dated outfits (danskin tights, thongs, leotards, etc) I really think this is a little gem of a workout, where the intensity can easily be modified up.

Instructor Comments:
Three instructors, Jane, Kim and Michelle, all give clear instructions and cue well.



Two 25-minute workouts which combine aerobics with short intervals of lower-body toning. The workouts are put together as follows: warming-up; cardio; legs; cardio; legs; cardio; legs; abs; short stretch.

Jane Fonda teaches the toning sections, and two of her instructors lead the aerobic sections. As usual in a Fonda video, the moves are demonstrated in both high and low impact versions. The choreography is simple and very easy to pick up (i.a. grapevines, mambo, heel digs, kicks) - perhaps verging on being too repetitive, but just as I start to think "What - again??", we change or stop for toning. Fortunately, there are two workouts on the tape, so you can alternate them for a little variety. (The choreography on this tape and the Low Impact Aerobics & Stretch tape is by Jay Blahnik.) The music is lively, with a Latin American flavour to it.

The leg exercises are all done standing and include stationary and reverse lunges, squats and leg lifts. The ab work is nothing fancy and it's fairly short, but at least I can tell myself I've done my duty for today.

In keeping with the aims of the Personal Trainer Series, these workouts are short. You do work your legs fairly hard, and after doing the workouts five times my legs are starting to feel different, but I can't say that I see a visible difference yet. To make a longer and more intense workout, I decided to follow this with the lower-body toning from Fonda's Complete Workout, which also has floor work. I've only done that once and I really felt it afterwards, so I think I shall be doing this combination more often.

To summarise, these are two fun workouts for beginners and intermediates who want to do a bit more work on their legs, and they're ideal for people facing time constraints.

Instructor Comments:
Jane and her instructors give timely reminders about maintaining correct posture and breathing. Another thing I like about this and other Fonda tapes is that she often shows you how NOT to perform an exercise.

Glynis van Uden


This "trilogy" of videos consists of the following: Abs, Buns and Thighs; Low Impact Aerobics and Stretch; Total Body Sculpting. These videos will appeal to beginner and intermediate exercisers, or those who want a change of pace. It may not appeal to very advanced exercisers.

Each video consists of 2 classes, about 25 minutes each. Each class can be used alone, or combined with another class (or an activity of your choice like walking or swimming); for example, aerobics + stretch, Abs/Buns/Thighs + Body Sculpting. Ideally, an aerobic and anaerobic session should be combined. However, a single class is convenient on a day when you have little time (I sometimes do a single class during the work week on days when my time is limited and I have to work late). Each class is short, streamlined, and effective. As always, the video production is high-quality, as we've come to expect from Fonda. In all 3 videos, the cueing, instructions and movements are clear, concise, simple and easy to follow. Abs, Buns & Thighs Jane "shares the stage" with 2 aerobics instructors. Aerobics are interspaced with some short but very effective lower-body strengthening exercises led by Jane. I have been pleased to see some noticeable results: more definition and strength to my calves and thighs after only 3 or 4 times, and even more since then.

Janice Molina