60's Blast Off

Richard Simmons
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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I have kept only two Richard Simmons’ workouts over the years – Disco Sweat and Broadway Sweat. They are both great on days I just do NOT want to work out. I had an interest in this workout for awhile and I got it at Ross in a three-pack with some other videos.

As usual, Richard has a fairly large group of background exercisers of different ages, shapes, etc. They seem to have a good time with this workout. And, the songs are all from the 60s – fun music. Whoever was filming this workout took artistic license and added off-center camera angles and visual effects (putting them in slow motion, etc.) at times. To me, it was distracting and annoying and these effects impeded the workout. There were times Richard was saying, “Do this,” obviously doing something with his feet, but they weren’t in the picture. The colors seemed garish. There were times the audio seemed “off” – Richard seemed hard to hear over the music.

Richard goes through a fairly long warm-up, several minutes. Then, the cardio portion of the workout ends at the 22-minute mark. I felt like I was just getting started and he was ending.

OK. Can you tell my bottom line on this workout? I HATED it. Absolutely despised it. Save your money.

Instructor Comments:
His usual positive personality just doesn't come through on this workout. He says the words and, when I can hear them over the music, they just don't ring true like in other workouts of his.

Laura S.


This DVD is not chaptered. The workout is 30 mins long including warm up and cool down.

Richard leads a class of very diverse exercisers in a bright, airy room. The clothes are colorful and the music is great. The songs, including Runaway, Cool Jerk, and It's In His Kiss, are not by the original artists.

Everyone's having fun doing moves from the 1960s - the Jerk, the Monkey, etc. Cool Jerk is the most energetic of the routines.

This workout is a lot of fun, and a sentimental favorite since my husband bought it for me as a birthday gift.

Instructor Comments:
Richard is very enthusiastic and silly. He's having a great time with the group.