Six Minute Waist Trimmer

Denise Austin
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Abs/Core

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I love all of Denise's ab videos. I've actually had this one for about a year and use it often.

It contains three six minute workouts that varie in intensity. Your suppose to use each workout for 2 weeks each, or until you work up to the next workout.

The first segment is light. It contains very simple conditioning and strengthening exercises for the abs and the two major back muscles.

The second is moderate, and contains a new set of exercises that create firmer and leaner muscles around your waist.

The third segment is advance and brings it all together. My favorite!

This is great for people who hate ab work, or for beginners.

This video really works. I sure notice a difference!.

Instructor Comments:
I think Denise's ab videos are the best.



There are two versions of this tape: one comes with a belt, the other is the tape alone. I have the version with only the tape.

This is a very useful tape. It really does ease into things, with several almost-exercises in week 1 that not only are un-intimidating to the beginner but also get you used to proper form. I wasn't exactly sure when the six minutes started because Denise talks a lot, but her ra-ra way of doing things works very well for a body part that many people hate working. I haven't gone through the whole six weeks yet, but this tape allows me to feel like I have done something, and really, being only six minutes, leaves no excuses.

A few bad things: you keep re-using the same part during the week, so you have to cue up the tape each time. And the tape is a bit over-priced.