20 Minute Workout

Bess Motta
Year Released: 1990

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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The initial series were good. Considering it is a product of 1985, I think Ron Harris, the producer really led the world to making the best quality TV exercise with good visual and music effects. I like the multi angle camera setting that includes viewing from the top. The choreography felt fine and gave me and normal/average individuals good workout in 20 minutes. However, after a decade has passed, I was advised by some certified fitness trainer that some of their moves are not safe.

Instructor Comments:
Bess and Arlane are some of the most experienced and well cue instructors, although they may not have the best face and body in the industry. I'd rather see their smiles and enthusiatic attitude than some bimbo uttering rubbish.

Lenny Li


When they say a computer developed the aerobics program to get the most out of 20 minutes, they were right.

No other video/show has come close to it, given that time frame. Besides the one video tape for sale (from the old TV series), is there any chance the TV series, created by Ron Harris, will ever be back on the air (reruns)? (have not found it on any C-band channels)

R. Whitfield