Targeted Sports Training: Cycling

Unknown, Carey Bond, Blair French
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Indoor Cycling , Sports Specific Training , Total Body Workouts

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I've been doing this video for about a year now, since I took up road cycling (which is A LOT harder than those stationery bikes at the gym!). The video series also includes ones on running and skiing, and all are designed to help your performance. They are also all filmed at Whistler, Canada. There are four parts to the tape: Part 1: strength workout: The first section is a standing and floor toning workout with a 5 min warm-up and 33 mins of strength training using just your body weight and a 7 min cool-down/stretch. The exercises aren't super hard for me, as I am used to free weights, but a fellow cyclist who also has this tape finds it challenging. Exercises include push ups, squats, and lunges. Part 2: Flexibility The next segment is my favorite: a wonderfully thorough 20 minute stretch that I do after each long ride. What more can I say? If there was just the stretching segment the video would be worth buying. Part 3: In Gym This is the bit that kind of annoys me, as I don't belong to a gym (any more), and there are no variations shown with free weights. But if you do have access to a gym this would be really good for you as there are detailed pointers on form. Part 4: Performance Enhancement Tips Carey and Blair finish up by talking to Ray Browning about cycling tips and techniques. He is an award-winning triathlete according to the video cover. His words of wisdom are quite handy. Summary: A very good video! I have seen some improvement in my performance too. Following on from my happy experience with this tape I got the Running video. But that's another review! :) PS: This only comes on NTSC format so far, but my Australian VCR plays it just fine.

Instructor Comments:
Both are very likeable, but Blair seems much more business-like than Carey, who at times looks like he is trying not to burst out laughing.

Kate Stanton


This is a sports specific toning program for cyclists. I decided to get this to do with my husband, who is a former time trialist, and is trying to get back into cycling. The are several unique moves for hamstrings and also some interesting back/abs exercises to help develop these stabilizing muscles. They also are very good about incorporating stretches into the work out and have some stretching at the end, in addition to including a full stretch. They also go into the gym for a brief demo of exercises you can do build cycling strength in the gym. Overall, I liked this program. The instructors are very friendly and cue and really instruct the moves quite well (except they short change the instruction in the squats a bit). The setting is very nice, a mountain lake. A very good lower body program. I'd recommend it to others who either have an interest in cycling or are looking for a more atheltic toning/strength program.

Instructor Comments:
There are two instructors who teach in tandem, and for the life of me, I can't remember their names! They are both very friendly and have a nice rapport. They are very real looking people, motivate well and instruct very well also.