Quick Fix Tight Abs Workout

Julie Upton
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Abs/Core

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Sometimes I neglect abs work because I don't have time after doing cardio and strength training, so I thought that this video, which is broken into three separate 10-minute abs segments, would fit into my schedule. I previously owned a similar video, Tammilee Webb's Quick Toning for Abs, but each segment contained a separate warmup which ate up a lot of time. The QuickFix programs are different--they get right into the exercises, although there are some brief moves to warm up the abs area specifically at the start of each segment.

The best thing about this tape is that most of the exercises are variations which I've seen before. Although many the moves were new to me, they were doable and not overly complicated. The tape did contain some more traditional crunches, but even those exercises contained new twists to make them more enjoyable and different. I also liked the fact that many of the movements were similar in style to Pilates.

I found the second segment to be a little easier than the first and last, but each is challenging in its own way. Like in Pilates, these are very concentrated abs moves, so you need to focus on your abs while doing each exercise and really concentrate on keeping the abs tight in order to feel them working.

The background music complimented the exercises very well. One small complaint about this tape is that for a few of the moves, there's no neck support, and my neck became easily fatigued. However, it was simple to just support my neck with my hands while performing the moves; I'm gradually trying to stop doing that as I get stronger.

One final great thing about this tape: for each segment, a timer on the lower right of the screen counts down the time left in the workout--it's a great motivator to be able to tell yourself "just 3 more minutes!" I've done the segments separately or 2-3 together if I have more time. When I do this tape a few times a week, my abs definitely feel strong and appear more toned. Definitely recommended as a way to fit in abs work in a short amount of time.

Instructor Comments:
Julie Upton is the main instructor, and she is motivating without being too "peppy"--she reminds me of a younger Tammilee Webb. Julie works wiht Minna Lessig and Nancy Popp, both of whom make occasional comments without being distracting.

Beth C (aka toaster)


This tape is divided into 3 different workouts, 10 mins each. I like them because they are simple, easy to follow yet you get a good workout too. They say cheesy things though, that sounds like it came from a script. It's still a good tape though.

Instructor Comments:
I like her. She isn't as "happy" as Denise Austin, which is good.