Spinning: Spin and Slim

Mike Michels
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Indoor Cycling

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I LOVE this DVD! It's one of the best spinning DVDs I've ever done, and it is perfect for people who want a 30 minute, tough spinning workout, that includes 3 loops or cycles consisting of flat road, jumps (in and out of the saddle) and long climb seated and standing to the end.

This DVD is part of the latest series of Johnny G spin workouts. The music is GREAT and so motivating! It has songs that sound exactly like the originals, and they are energetic and fun and make you want to sing while the sweat is dripping off your face.

The production quality is very good. Mike stays on the bike throughout the workout, and does it with you. There is a class of participants of varying levels of fitness, but all of them look like experienced spinners. There are some nice lighting effects.

The workout goes so fast, because none of the segments is too long. Just when the long standing climb felt like it was going to cause my legs to give out, it moved onto a flat road.

I have done most of the spinning DVDs out there, and think this one is perfect for people who are not looking for a super-long, puke-in-a-bucket spinning workout, but who want to work hard, burn tons of calories, not kill themselves, have fun, hear good music, watch a nice-looking and motivating instructor, and get better at spinning.

This is appropriate for all fitness levels. I give it an A+.

Instructor Comments:
Mike Michels is one of the best spinning instructors I've ever seen. He has a great personality, with just the right amount of cheerfulness, encouragement, and niceness. I did not find anything annoying about him. He's a fantastic athlete, strong, good-looking, in great shape and is obviously an experienced cyclist and spinner. He kept the pace going throughout, didn't talk too much, and made me want to try my hardest!