Spinervals Competition 14.0 - Totally Time Trial

Troy Jacobson
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Indoor Cycling

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Warm up
3x30 BG/15 @ 30 sec. rest
1 minute easy
5x1 min BG/23-15 @ 30 sec. rest
2 minute easy
2 minute prep SR/21 10 seconds high cadance 10 seconds soft pedal
4x15 minute BR/23-12 @ 2 minutes rest

1 hour 30 minutes with a claimed difficulty level of 9.7

This is my favorite spinerval workout. It tends to have a good balance of everything that I really notice little and want to keep pushing ahead. This is, of course, exactly what I would want in an indoor workout.

The warmup is a little long, I think, but then again, I'm not actually pulling a 25mph 40k right now, so maybe that makes it more reasonable for me.

The workout starts easier with a high spinning start and then settles into more normal gears, but the last 15 minutes spends a lot of time in BG/12 making it pretty brutal to finish. However, I like this as I tend to slow down as time goes on. This video forces me to 'get stronger' as the time goes on. Had I used this video before my year of triathlons I could have made my strongest leg even stronger.

I would agree that the difficulty is at the right place.

The music in this one is pretty good to me. It could be that towards the end I'm so tired and motivated that any thing that I could find interesting would motivate me, but the music in this one is definitely better than the first 9.

Instructor Comments:
To be honest, I'm to tired to care or notice Troy in this workout.



This is probably the toughest spinerval workout i've ever done. This workout makes uphill grind and suffer-o-rama seem like a walk in the park. The first 20 minutes or so of this workout is a "warm up." The last hour is a time trial. For 15 minutes you go as hard as you can and then you get a 2 minute break. The break goes by so quickly! You do this 4 times. The first set is high cadence with Big ring 23. The last three sets are in the harder gear with the last set being mostly in big ring 12. This workout is a great workout for the legs and by the last set my legs were extremely fatigued. The great thing about this workout is the feeling of accomplishment you get when you've finished this truly grueling workout.

Instructor Comments:
I really like troy. He designs really tough yet effective workouts. He's truly a great coach and motivator. Thanks troy for another great spinerval workout!



This is one tough workout! It is 90 minutes long. The first 30 minutes consists of warm up sets.

The next 60 minutes is supposed to simulate a 40K time trial. There are four 15 minute sets done at a high cadence. Each set is done in different gears, and you change up the gears a little during the set.

I haven't been able to keep the high cadence that Coach Troy asks for, and it's still a killer workout!

VFer Suzanne M is in this video on a spin bike.

Instructor Comments:

Andrea Lynn