RIDES: Volume 2 Las Vegas

Year Released: 2005

Categories: Indoor Cycling

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This is a DVD geared toward cyclists who are training indoors. There is no vocal guide or instruction, which sets it apart from the other cycling workout DVDs I have tried. In this workout, you "accompany" several cyclists as they pedal along the Valley of Fire State Park outside Las Vegas. The scenery is gorgeous.

Rather than vocal instruction, there is a "control panel" visible in the lower portion of the screen showing the suggested RPMs, RPE rating, time remaining in the current interval, and text promps such as whether to be seated or standing...signalling new terrain/ effort such as roling hills, incline, steady state. There is a leaflet inside the DVD case that breaks down the specific length of each interval.

Throughout the workout, inspirational quotes & facts about the region pop up on screen, which helps to keep it interesting.

My favorite feature of the DVD is the music. It is mostly classic rock, so if you are not a fan you might want to pass on this one! It is quite a range of influences such as reggae, blues, country but with a consistant rock undertone. Many of the songs include vocals, and there is a pop-up to tell you the name of the song & performer. Very cool! :-)

The workout is about an hour in length, and does not include a cool-down. There is a prompt at the end reminding you to do a 5- minute slow spin to recover.

The production values are very good! Sound quality is excellent (I have stereo speakers but no high-end surround sound system.) Picture quality is very good too. I only have a little 19 inch TV, but if you had a larger video set-up I bet it would seem even better!

In closing I would like to say that this does not give me the same pumped up "go get 'em" feeling that my Spinervals & Cardio Coaches do. It is very different in it's approach. However, I love the music & change of pace. Somedays I need a more self-paced form of motivation, and this fits the bill nicely. The rockin' music is a nice change of pace too!

you can see a clip at: endurancefilms.com

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