Johnny G Spin and Burn

Johnny G
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Indoor Cycling

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Too chatty and the music is way, way, way too low.

I like my spin to have music that inspires me... and this didn't.

The ride itself was okay. They were stressing "aerobic" a lot (and they mentioned this over and over and over...).

I've had far better classes, but would do this 40 minute dvd again. It's nice to have someone tell me what to do - I can zone out... and in my life, it's nice to zone out for 40 minutes once in a while.

Grade: B - I will do it again, but would not buy it if I didn't get it as part of buying the bike.

Instructor Comments:
Talkative, peppy, without being perky. Spoke about spinning almost non-stop. Spinning Zealots.