Cycling Fitness Results Series

Adam Coon
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Indoor Cycling , Foam Roller

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This 6 volume series of Spinning workouts is produced by Endurance Films and endorsed by cycling coach Joe Friel. The workouts are led by coach Adam Coon. Each dvd offers the same format:

~ Warm-up spin - 10 minutes
~ Body of workout which focuses on a different areas (various lengths)
~ Cool down spin - 10 minutes
~ Stretch - 10+ minutes

Each dvd has 3 workouts. In general, the first workout is the shortest, and the last one is the longest, and usually hardest. The workouts range in length from just under an hour to over two hours. Although these dvds all offer 3 workouts, the workouts on the dvd are very similar to each other, with the exception of the length of the workout. The longer workouts have more sets and/or longer sets. I believe that they probably filmed the longest workout and cut out parts to make the shorter workouts. They feel slightly different because the music arrangement is different for each workout, so you are not hearing the exact same songs for each part of the workout.

The rests are generally longer than they are in Spinervals workouts (sometimes 2-3 minutes or longer). I believe this is so you can really focus on developing whatever skill or energy system being worked on in the specific video.

The music is the best part of these workouts. It is all original music from independent/garage type bands. So, you wonít necessarily recognize the music, but it is not the generic bland stuff you get on most workout videos (especially Spinervals.) I donít love all of the songs, but some of it is quite good. There is some instrumental stuff mixed in with the more fun songs. I donít love the instrumental stuff as much, but it still better than most of the Spinervals I have tried.

The coaching is all done with voice-over. This makes the workouts a bit bland. I think many people who enjoy Spinervals may not like this style. There is not much interest on the screen, because no one is talking, and everyone is just sitting there on their bikes just spinning away. A preview clip I saw showed some bike riders riding outside during part of the workout, and I thought there would be more of that. I was disappointed to find out that those types of inserts into the workout are very infrequent.

The warm-up includes a little intro and info about training by Joe Friel. I enjoy that part, but after a while I wonít need to hear it anymore. The warm-ups and cool-downs are just easy spinning, so could be kind of boring to some at 10 minutes long. I appreciate the 10 minute warm-up a lot, but almost never do the entire 10 minute cooldown.

Besides the music, my other favorite thing about this series is the stretch. It is the same stretch on all 6 dvds. It is 14 minutes, but the last part is using a foam roller, so without that is like 10 minutes. We are told in the video that they are not holding the stretches long enough, and that you should hold the stretch 30-60 seconds. However, most stretches are held for 15-30 seconds which is what I prefer. You hit the important muscles more than once in different ways, so it seems to be enough for me. You start standing and using the bike, then go to the floor. Then there is a short section with a strap that gives you some additional hamstring and hip stretches. I usually do this depending on time. The music in this section is great, and I always feel so good when Iím done stretching. The only complaint I have with this section is that there isnít much cueing and sometimes when you are not looking at the screen you miss the next stretch.

There are nice graphics on the screen which remind you of what you should be doing and where you are. I find these graphics to be a little better than the Spinervals graphics because they are a little more clear, and there is also a cadence meter. However, they use Zones 1 to 5c, so you need to understand how they classify the different zones. They do discuss the zones in the bonus segment.

The dvds are mostly not chaptered well, usually just warm-up, body of workout, and stretch. Overall, I would say these are very nicely produced, with the exception of a lack of visual interest in the workouts.

I think these videos are probably better suited for serious cyclists as opposed to Vidiots who are used to variety. To someone who has never used a video for training indoors before, these workouts would probably be very much appreciated. Also, people who donít mind just kind of zoning out while sitting on their bike may enjoy these workouts, especially since you can listen to some different music. To people who are used to Spinervals with the variety of work within a workout and the motivation and pushing from Coach Troy, these may disappoint.

Individual Workout Info:

These workouts were designed to be used over the off season in a rotation that builds up over time. You start with Volumes 1 and 2, and work your way to 5 and 6 over 12 to 16 weeks. All dvds have 3 workouts of different lengths and (45 min to 115 minutes) and the same format as described above.

Volume 1 - Pedaling Technique
~ Spin Ups intervals (increasing cadence) 2 minute recovery (4-6 times)
~ 4 minute extendeded recovery
~ Single Leg Spins on each leg (2-3 times)

Volume 2 - Pedaling Strength (this one has chapter points for each set, unlike the others)
~ 4 sets of Strength endurance (10-20 minutes depending on workout). High resistance, cadence 50 w/ 5 min recovery

Volume 3 - VO2 Max Training
~ 2-3 sets of VO2 max intervals of 3-4 minutes in zone 5B, cadence 90-100 w/ 3 min recovery (repeated twice)

Volume 4 - Lactate Threshold
~ 2 sets of 20-25 minutes in high gear. Cadence 90-100. Zone 4 with 10 minutes recovery

Volume 5 - Anaerobic Power
~ 4 intervals of 30-60 seconds in Zone 5C. Cadence 110+ w/ 3 minutes recovery (2 times)

Volume 6 - Climbing Acceleration
~ Intervals of seated climb (2-3 min) + acceleration (1 min) + standing. (30 sec)

Instructor Comments:

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