Cycle Reebok: Foundations

Robert Sherman
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Indoor Cycling

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About me: I'm a fairly advanced aerobically, working out often with Cathe, Mindy, and Christi. I got a spin bike to reduce my impact, but keep up the intensity. I'm finding that spinning is definitely tough (as tough as you make it) and fits the bill perfectly.

This is a great first spinning workout. Robert talks a lot about alignment and resistance. He gives great pointers for a first-time spinner.

He does a lot of motivational speak, which may get on some people's nerves, but after it stopped annoying me, it actually helped me to keep going. He stretches freqently between sets, which is nice.

The music was a bit louder than the music in Precision Cycling with Jay Blahnik. I would say that the intensity was fairly similar.

Instructor Comments:
Robert is a bit new-agey with model-like features. I was a little turned off by his style at first, but it grew on me.

Tami S.