Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt

Violet Zaki
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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2-20 minute complete workouts combining both cardio and weights to help shape and tone the body and burn calories quickly. Also included is an 8 minute ab workout. The workout has many premixes--choose from the full workout or any of these options:

*Warmup 5 minutes

*Pure Sculpt 20 minutes
with or without intro

*Interval Calorie Burn 20 minutes
with or without intro

*Cooldown 9 minutes

*Warmup, Pure Scuplt and Cooldown 34 minutes

*Warmup, Interval Calorie Burn and Cooldown 34 minutes

Violet and 2 background exercisers performs the workout. (one performs all exercises in modified form for beginners) The set is open and spacious, with brick walls-very industrial looking.

Anyone can perform this workout. Violet's instructions are clear and easy to follow. The cardio portions are athletic in nature, nothing too dancy. You'll see kicks, hamstring curls, high knees, fast feet, small jumps, rocks side to side, mambo jumps and step touches. The strength training intermixes traditional moves with functional ones. You'll challenge your balance and really tighten the entire core. Some moves are more challenging so beginners may want to watch the modifier. No body part is left untouched--you'll hit everything with multifaceted moves. The cooldown is yoga inspired, very gentle.

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