Walk It Off With George: Walk And Box

Petra Kolber, George Foreman
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This is a 43 minute walking inspired workout with some boxing punches added in. Petra actaully leads the workout but George is right there in the front teaching us how to punch and making motivational comments. Petra takes Georges punches and shows us how the fitness version.

You will see the typical walking workout moves: side steps, marching in place, walking forward, etc. And some boxing moves, upper cuts, jabs, hook, bob and weave, the "Foreman shuffle," etc. There are four "boxing bursts" which are one minute intervals where you can freestyle and do whatever you want. They show George's "gang" doing a variety of different things: throwing punches, jumping rope, high knees, etc. Its a good opportunity to get your heartrate up by really pushing yourself.

I would rate this as a beginner workout but you can amp it up by jogging in place instead of marching, using big arm movements, wearing weighted gloves, and really pushing yourself during the boxing bursts.

Instructor Comments:
I like both George & Petra well enough but neither of them would be a favorite of mine. They seem to work well together here but Petra seems a bit uneasy for some reason. I dont have any of her other w/o's for comparison though.



I’m reviewing this workout after previewing and doing it once each.

General workout breakdown: This walking video lasts just under 43 minutes and includes four intervals (your choice of low or high impact moves). The base walking steps include walking (or marching), side steps, and the “Foreman shuffle” (three steps and a tap); the base boxing moves include boxer’s shuffle, bob and weave, tap (or cross), power punch (or jab), hook, and upper cut. During the interval exercisers do moves like jump rope, jump rope with knees up, boxer’s shuffle, or small ski hops (side to side). The video ends with a cool down and stretches for the calf, hip flexor, and hamstring. The general pace is along the lines of what I would consider a moderately quick stroll, while the intervals are done at a light jogging pace.

Level: I’d recommend this to beginners with a little bit of experience through intermediates; the latter can get a good workout with this video by exaggerating the moves, adding more arms, jogging / jumping / etc. during the intervals, and perhaps even grabbing a pair of light hand weights. I consider myself at least at the high intermediate stage with respect to floor aerobics, and those intervals definitely worked my heart, even if the walking pace was just a little slower than I would have liked.

Class: 2 men and 7 women join George and Petra. One is of a plus size frame and three of “normal” size, but what I love is that the “thin” background exercisers all look realistically fit, not the type of skinny that you only get with genetics. Some of background exercisers demonstrate variations when there are some, and during the intervals at least two exercisers show each variation. Petra will preview some new moves, and she and George generally will stay with the basic moves when there are options to increase the intensity.

Music: upbeat music with a good beat: some of it’s pop music (recognizable, but nothing I could name), some of it’s standard exercise video stuff.

Set: interior studio space with muted lighting. A big sign in the back proclaims this is “George’s Gym,” and there are various pieces of boxing equipment, lockers, etc., lining the walls.

Production: good picture and sound. The camera shots were more or less helpful, but I wish the camera wouldn’t do so many close ups of people’s upper bodies, since this is a walking video, and I think it’s best if the camera always shows the instructor when there’s a new move.

Equipment: sneakers.

Space Requirements: Ideally you should be able to take two medium-sized steps to each side and forwards and backwards, but if you have less space, just stay in place.

DVD Notes: There are no chapters on this DVD, so have your remote handy to fast forward through the Warnings, GoodTimes logo, Walk it off with George! intro, and George’s description.

Conclusion: This is included in a set with Circuit Walk which is available separately from the infomercial set. It’s definitely the most intense of the Walk it Off with George! workouts that I’ve tried (Express Walk, Champion Walk & Sweat, Fat Blasting Walk, Walk Box & Burn, and Circuit Walk). I’m keeping this one because of the intervals.
This is comparable to Leslie Sansone’s Walk & Kick, except the intervals are more intense, the build up into the punches is slower, and there’s no kicking in Walk & Box. In comparison with Leslie’s Walk & Jog, I would have to say that Leslie’s non-interval pace is quicker while her intervals may be slightly longer. But, as the moves are executed in the videos, George’s intervals are more intense.

Instructor Comments:
Petra leads the workout. She cues decently, usually given you enough notice of move changes, and mirror cues (i.e. when she says “left,” she means your left). She’ll preview the more complicated moves, but then she’ll show the less intense variation of a move, too. Her British accent is easy to understand. Her enthusiasm and plugging for walking it off with George is almost over the top here.
George is primarily here for encouragement, although he occasionally offers tips on posture or cues a move. George also throws in a joke or two about his days as a boxer, picks on some of the background exercisers, and banters back and forth with Petra. For someone who showed such amazing dexterity in the boxing ring, he’s not the most graceful when it comes to the dancier moves, but that’s part of what’s endearing about him.



This is the second video I've tried from the Walk It Off with George series; again, I found working out with George to be both fun AND a great workout! Walk and Box offers a basic walking workout but adds interest with a few boxing moves--mostly boxer shuffles and basic punches--as well as "boxing blasts," which are four 1-minute higher intensity bursts interspersed throughout the workout.

Although George is a prominent feature during the video, the workout is actually led by veteran instructor Petra Kolber, with George making occasional motivational comments throughout. Petra begins with a basic aerobic warm-up that is approximately 6 minutes long; however, I found that the warm-up quickly raised my heart rate into the fat-burning zone. The main body of the workout consists of very simple steps such as the basic walk (marching in place), side steps, boxer shuffles, and the "Foreman shuffle" (marching forward and back with a tap). Petra relies on George to introduce the punches--jab, hook, and uppercut--and then she incorporates a "fitness" version of each. During the higher intensity drills, Petra gives you various options, including a fast walk/shuffle, jogging, or mock jumping rope. The workout ends with a 4 minute cool-down which consists of 2 minutes of slowing the heart rate followed by two minutes of stretching.

I am an intermediate exerciser, so this workout was a bit on the easy side for me, but I had no problems modifying the intensity to meet my needs (eg, adding weighting gloves, making the movements bigger and more bouncy, incorporating knee lifts, etc.) and thus keeping my heart rated elevated throughout the entire workout. As compared to Leslie Sansone's walking workouts, I find the Walk It Off with George series to be more fun: the music is more upbeat, George is a big goofball, and he and Petra have a great rapport. Overall, this was a very enjoyable workout that I know I will use often--highly recommended!

Instructor Comments:
Although I haven't liked Petra in other videos, I found her to be fun and low-key here. She and George have a great rapport, and George is his usual goofy, lovable self!

Beth C (aka toaster)


I found this to be a nice, beginner to intermediate level walking workout. The moves were all simple, basic walking exercises and doable for anyone. The faster-paced intervals could be whatever pace and impact one wanted to make them. There were no combinations to learn and no taking it from the top. I enjoyed seeing George's boxing version of the punches and Petra's fitness version of the same punches.

George Foreman was pleasant and engaging throughout the workout and encouraged many of the background participants. The background exercisers were many different sizes and abilities. Petra was a good instructor, cued well and had a nice banter going with George.

That said, I did find a couple of things I didn't like about the workout. It moves along very slowly from one thing to the next, which I think is just because it is a walking workout for beginners. However, it does detract from the workout for me because I got a little bored waiting for the next transition to something besides walking and spent a lot of the time watching the clock. The music always seemed to stop for a few seconds right in the middle of the intervals, which I think is typical of GoodTimes workouts, not just this one. Also of note, there is no chaptering on the DVD.

Instructor Comments:
See Review

Karen (Rhae)


I am an intermediate exerciser who likes walking workouts. I have most of Leslie's. I like the Gaiam "Get Moving" one with Madeline Lewis. I didn't like the Prevention one.

This is FUN! I happen to like George and have only ever heard great things about him from folks who have met him. He doesn't really lead the workouts, that is done by Petra Kolber.

George is funny and is solid as a brick wall. Petra is perky and cute as a button. Her cueing is VERY GOOD. How do I know? Because, I was able to follow the workouts the first time. I don't even remember if she mirror cued. I just know that I was able to follow along, which is rare for me.

The background exercisers are all shapes, ages, sexes and colors.

The set is gym-style. The choreography is very basic. The music has a great beat and I can walk to it. Workout times are approximate.

Warm-up: 7 minutes
Walking and strength: 30 minutes
Cool down: 5 minutes

This has basic walking moves plus knee-ups, boxer shuffles, bob and weaves, etc. George shows the knockout versions of three punches (cross, hook and upper cut), while Petra shows the "fitness" versions. There are four one-minute "Boxing Bursts" where you can go all out. Doing walking, shuffles, jump-roping, etc.

This workout is longer and because of the intervals I'd rate it as low intermediate to intermediate.

I would definitely be interested in the other workouts that are supposed to be available, but I don't know if you can just get them from the soon-to-be-airing infomercial.

Instructor Comments:
Please see review.