TLP Volume 1

Jeanne Anne Copleston, Cindy Thorp, Bonnie Geer
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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These are very different workouts that almost can't be classified with anything out there on the market. Bosu Core Synergy comes to mind as similar to the Core Fundamentals (with JAC). Others have classified these as AWT. There are similarities.

You can see how Tracy was influenced by her work on the Firm and FitPrime. (She was never mentioned as a choreographer at FitPrime but I imagine she had a lot of influence in that regard). The workouts are all short segments like the Firm. There is a lot of ball work like the FitPrimes as well as balance work. The music is terrific like on the FitPrimes. But the workouts are better sequenced and transitions are smoother. I did get confused about which side they were on once like with FitPrimes and I know that drives people batty but it was only once and may have been because they don't give a lot of pre-instruction. (see the form pointers comment below).

Also, the "aerobics" part of these tend to involve a lot of strength and core work and the moves are very unusual (and fun - at least for me!). Very athletic moves...

Each workout is 45 minutes long and the DVDs are very well chaptered with each segment mentioned above having a chapter point. The set was simple but the colors pleasing. There were at least four background exercisers. T

There is very little pre-instruction. This is a little difficult the first time you do the video but will make it funner in the long run. I can't stand lots of extra instruction because the 10th time you do the video, you don't need that instruction and it drives me nuts! However, I am supposed to get a DVD with form pointers and I now that will help.

For all you DVD fans - this goes directly into the workouts - no long blah blah blah that you have to fast forward through! Yeah!

Let me say again - these moves are unique and very different from traditional weight training moves - you will feel them in all your tiny muscles around your body!

Core Fundamentals
This is billed as the easier one but one that must be mastered. This is one tough workout! I couldn't do all the exercises and had to modify. The moves were mostly focused on the core - there was one or two light aerobics section again with the moves focusing on the core. The workout used a stability ball and the weighted ball. My core felt this workout! If you like Core Synergy, you'll love this one!

Functional Fitness
I really enjoyed this. This one had an "aerobics" section followed by weights section but believe me, the moves were very unique and fun. workout used a stability ball and the weighted ball and 8 lb dumbells. I was sweating and very energized from doing this workout - this may have been may favorite.

Dynamic Strength
Wowee! This is one tough workout. The moves had me sweating. Again - very unique moves, and the aerobic moves were more high impact and lots of balance and strength required. Sometimes two aerobic sections were tacked together. This was a toughie!

My core is much stronger after this series. I would highly recommend this if you want to challenge yourself but be prepared to do lots of new and interesting moves.

I'm looking forward to more from TLP - I think Tracy and company are providing a fresh look at home workouts for us and I appreciate her creativity.

Instructor Comments:
JAC is a veteran and I loved her comments during the workout. The other two are new and it is good to see some fresh faces.

Christine Miyachi