Super Shape-Up Program Aerobic Interval Training

Cheryl Tiegs
Year Released: 1989

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is a 10-year-old video, and despite its faults, I love doing it! The video alternates strength exercises using 3-pound weights with aerobic intervals. The aerobics are easy and low-impact, but combined with the push-ups, squats, curls, etc., my heart rate remained in the training zone. The instructors have you take your heart rate about three times during the video, so you can monitor how hard you're working. Every body part gets a workout: pushups for chest and arms, reverse push-ups for triceps, weight work for biceps, triceps, shoulders and back, donkey kicks for buttocks and hamstrings, calf raises, abductor raises and adductor knee-lifts. There's also an abs section. There's a warmup/stretch and cooldown. (Surprisingly, the cooldown stretches don't include the upper body, which is worked a lot in the video. I do some upper body stretches on my own afterward.) The video takes about 45 minutes. I bought this video at the bargain bin at a video store for $4.99, and it was a nice surprise. Though the cuing doesn't match the music, once you know the routine, you can look out the window and just listen to the music and not get hung up on how uncoordinated the video exercisers seem. If you do watch the exercisers, it's good for a laugh (good lung workout!).

Instructor Comments:
Cheryl Tiegs appears to have no rhythm or concept of correct form in doing exercises, but the "real trainer" does a good job of demonstrating correct form. Tiegs attempts to cue from time to time, and is usually off, but it appears the music was added after the workout was shot. Tiegs doesn't look like she's working very hard, but that's a plus for beginners who just need someone to follow.

Lilly Anderson