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Keli Roberts
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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Set: Nice, looks like the corner of a gym with wood flooring. In the rear corner is a few steps, pillows and plants to pretty it up. (the set is much better than previous Sara City Productions)

Music: Instrumental, nice beat.

This new workout uses a mini circuit concept. (you'll work your lower body, then upper body and then you'll perform a power drill)

Warmup: Very basic moves using the step will prepare you for the circuits. You'll perform the movements on the right and then repeat on the left. (basic step ups, taps and lunges with knees) Keli gradually adds more power to these moves to really raise the heart rate. A few nice stretches for the back complete the warmup.

Workout: Beginning with reverse lunges off the bench with rows, you'll maintain a nice pace to increase calorie burn. One armed rows are next. (Keli adds a balance move to make it more challenging) Next up is a power drill. Keli breaks it down first then increases the intensity. Throughout the workout you'll keep repeating these circuits, always following the same sequence of lower body, upper body and a power or plyometric drill. Lots of interesting moves (not the same old, same old) will challenge and train multiple fitness areas (strength, core, balance, and endurance) in one workout. The next sequence consists of a fun squat segment on and off the bench, challenging burpee pushups and then a fast burpee drill. Following this set is a one legged squat off bench with balance moves and rows. To work upper body, Keli demonstrates a quick overhead press. (she's working for speed but does maintain control) Lunge switches off the bench is the last power drill of this set. For the next set, Keli begins with a wide plie squat. To make this more difficult Keli staggers her foot position by placing one foot up onto bench and maintaining the deep plie squat. (you'll repeat one foot on bench then back to plie on floor, then the other foot up) Another pushup sequence, this one for triceps, follows. (lots of tough modifications shown) 4 little squats then jump to other side of bench is the power burst for this set. The last sequence, set #5, begins with curtsy lunges off top of the bench. Bicep work is next. The last drill uses the same curtsy lunges but with power. For a shorter workout, you could stop the workout here for a quick 23 minute total body workout (not including the ab work) or keep going and do all the circuits again for a total of 2 sets.

Abdominals: Keli starts with planks on the bench. Many variations are shown. (some require lots of balance and core strength) These are tough! (you can tell Keli is working hard too!) V-sits on bench with weight are next. You'll work your obliques with twists. Next are leg out & in abdominal crunches. Keli makes it more challenging with a twist and no arms. Reverse curl is next. Keli demonstrates the right and wrong way to perform the movement so you get the most from the exercise. Keli performs these while lying on top of the bench. Double leg stretch follows. Keli then does a double crunch working upper and lower abs. Bicycle is next and this completes the core work. A nice relaxing stretch concludes the workout.

Total workout length: 55 minutes

Equipment: Step and light & heavy dumbbells are suggested.

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