On the Ball Abs for Beginners

Leisa Hart
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Abs/Core , Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball

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OK. This is my first negative review. And, it's warranted for me because I HATED this workout.

I stuck the DVD in and hit play. Ten minutes later, I popped the DVD out and put it on my trade pile. She gave very poor instructions to have you do moves that I didn't always fully understand in order to moves that I didn't even feel. I don't mean that it was too easy, it felt like NOTHING. There was nothing to build up to because there was nothing to it.

I disliked this workout enough that I've decided I have no desire to ever try another one of her workouts. Don't waste your money!

Instructor Comments:
I did not like her style. She gave poor instructions.

Laura S.


I used the workout a few times when my back was really bothering me and I liked it during that period. However, I believe that this workout is not for everyone. It is a very slow moving workout that takes 30 minutes, which I think is longer than most people want to spend on abs. It is geared towards beginners and isn't very intense. It is kind of a feel good workout with some stretching in between, but just doesn't seem very effective to me. If I don't want something that is non-stop work and am up for spending the time working my abs/core I would be much more likely to choose Karen Voight's Abs and Back which is much more effective in working the abs/back/core, in my opinion.

I highly recommend viewing the clip at Collage Video, which should give you a good feel for this workout if you have any interest.

The DVD version has an 8 minute blast, which isn't bad, but wasn't enough for me to want to keep this.

Lisa C