6-minute Power Abs

Bryan Kest
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Abs/Core

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Bryan does himself a disservice with the title of this tape. Itís really 25 to 30 minutes long. I put off getting this for the longest time because I assumed it was only 6 minutes, and who wants to buy a 6-minute workout? I found it pretty cheap on eBay and now Iím glad I have it. Itís two ab workouts, and itís pretty challenging. Itís as challenging as Rodney Yeeís Yoga for Abs tape, but not as pleasant because there is no nice scenery in this one. Also, Bryan talks up a storm, while Rodney is quieter. I believe the list price on this is $19.95. Itís not worth that, but itís definitely worth considering if you see it for, say, $12 or less. Grade A- (the minus is for the non-stop chatter).

Annie S.