Kickbutt Bootcamp

Mindy Mylrea
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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There are currently two reviews posted for this video, both relatively positive. I wanted to add my thoughts, which are basically that the workout was so choppy that I couldn't get through it. I tried twice--once the kickboxing section and once the full-body bootcamp. While both could be intense workouts, I just didn't have the patience to try to follow along. Mindy's workouts are basically high-intensity drills. Her previous videos generally include more athletic choreography than dancy, and I enjoy that. In this workout, however, the little combos just didn't flow. The moves didn't match the music, and it almost felt like Mindy was making things up as she went along.

As I mentioned, I tried twice and have now put this workout on my trade list. I prefer Mindy's older workouts like Interval Express and would definitely choose those over this one.

Instructor Comments:
I've always liked Mindy. Her chattiness and peppiness inspire me rather than bother me. She's her usual self in this video.



There are five sections, the warm up, three workouts, and the cool down/stretch. My favorite is the hi/lo med section, the moves are basic so that you concentrate on intensity, it is a calorie blaster for sure and easy to follow.

My second favorite is the step bootcamp which uses the med ball at times. This is a tough, fast, a mega calorie blaster for sure. The moves are easy to master and easy to modify, I don't like to turn so I don't. She has some push ups but not too many, and if you are only doing it cardio you can skip them.

The Kickbox section, has no fancy moves, easy to follow, not as intense as the previous two workouts.

IMO It is a must for advance exercisers it is fun, and tough, I really enjoyed a good sweat.

Thank You Mindy!

Instructor Comments:
Mindy shines in this workout, she is an inspiration. She is in excellent shape I know that she is not 27 ha, ha.

Onix Hernandez


For all you Mindy fans out there, you will not be disappointed with this video! It has the usual Mindy friendliness and drills, but feels fresh and new. The set is kind of dark, to give it a bootcamp feeling.There are three parts to this workout, along with a warm up and cool down. Section one is drills using a medicine ball (she uses four pounds, i only had 8 so i did it with 8) and no step. At first i didnt think it was going to make me sweat, but i was so wrong! At the end of the first workout section i was already drenched in sweat (and i consider myself advanced - i do cathe workouts regularly). She does some interesting moves with the medicine ball. time goes by quick because you only do a few minutes of each and move on to the next moves. The second section incorporates the step, typical athletic mindy style doing cardio intervals, and uses the medicine ball for some parts of it.At the end of the cardio intervals, she incorporates some abs, pushups and tricep dips. The first two will leave you very sweaty and well worked out.
The third section isnt taught by mindy but she is right behind the instructor. Her colleuge teaches the kickboxing section. At first i was a little disappointed in this section but i warmed up to him. His cueing seemed a little bit off at first but i've done many a kickboxing workout and had no problem.Each workout is 20-30 minutes in length, time flies by for the first two workouts. Even the warmup is a little challenging. Its a definate sweat fest and will challenge even the most advanced exerciser.Mindy fans will not be disappointed and its a nice change from her typical step workout videos.

Instructor Comments:
Mindy mylrea is an awesome instructor - always friendly and perky, and delivers challenging and fun workouts.