Hardcore Extreme

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This was the "Interval Circuit" segment of the Hardcore Extreme video which includes 6 intervals from Imax 3 and 3 cycles from High Step Challenge. Each H.S. Challenge cycle had a cardio portion as well so for cardio you ended up doing 9 "routines". I personally feel that Imax 3 is a killer but High Step Challenge is not; so for me this was a perfect tape because when there's a combination of two killers, it's just too much. She intersperses the Imax 3 Intervals with sections from H.S. Challenge that work all the body parts. Push ups for chest, lots of leg press with the bands, squats, hammer punch lunges. It's a nice combination. If you wanted to see all the sections and the exact breakdown, you can easily look at her site, but suffice it to say that she "gently" worked the body muscularly and killed me aerobically and I truly loved this workout.

Instructor Comments:
This is a "parts" video which has excerpts from High Step Challenge and Imax 3 so it's your typical Cathe fare.

Evelyn Jenkins


This is one kick butt workout. Imagine taking all the hardest blasts from IMAX 3 and then tacking on to that the blasts at the end of kickmax and you've got a recipe for heart failure. This workout (just the cardio part) clocks in at an hour, but right after that are the leg drills from kickmax, so in total, I'd estimate this workout to be about 80 minutes. This is not one for anyone but an advanced exerciser. It is very, very, very challenging.

Instructor Comments:
This particular workout was clips from Cathe's IMAX3 and Kickmax workouts. Her demeanor is typical Cathe demeanor.